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MSP N-central

Discover whether a device is on Microsoft Azure, AD, Workgroup.

I want to determine whether the logged in user is a Microsoft Azure, AD, Workgroup account in used by an agent. This would be most importantly when deploying agents, when auto-discovery-and-probe finds a windows device and can't install the agent due to credential mismatch, because this device is on the network but is part of some other domain controller, Azure, AD, or Workgroup. This is specially problematic with windows ...more »

Submitted by (@jdiort)

MSP N-central

portal remote control settings in mass

I need to configure the remote web page for some devices and not all, to a specific port, if such port is open based on SNMP/WMI.

I don't want to do this globally, just for specific devices with custom ports, like router management portals or know ports that are not the conventional HTTP or HTTPS, just a specify set of network devices, to be configure in masses/bulk edit for the remote control settings.

Submitted by (@jdiort)

MSP N-central

Color highlight in Report Manager reports should match threshold

When we run a Disk Usage Trending report we highlight info according percentage used Red as failed, Yellow as warning. These colors do not match the thresholds set on the device. We will see yellow for percentage used = 76.51% but warning threshold set on device is 87% - 90%. This is very misleading especially when sending to a customer. It would be nice if the colors matched that of the thresholds defined on devices. ...more »

Submitted by (@robert.harrison)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Ignore certain vulnerabilities in Patch Management

At this time you can only Ignore "ALL" vulnerabilities by turning off the "Include Vulnerabilities" option in the Patch Management policy. I would like to see the ability to ignore certain CVE's or vulnerabilities that have been identified so we can still monitor vulnerabilities found but ignore the ones we do not wish to see. Something like what we can do for patches when ignoring certain patches and allowing others ...more »

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

MSP N-central

Configurable Missing Patches report on Service Level

Could we possibly have a Missing Patches (Summary) report on the Service Level that allows us to choose the same options that are in the Missing Patches (Summary) report on the customer level? We only want to see patches that have been missing for more than a certain amount of days since many of our clients are deploying patches on a delay. We also only want to see the status of patch classifications we have auto approvals ...more »

Submitted by (@ulyssesc)

MSP Manager

Trim client responses to tickets

It would be Awesome if when I client responds to a ticket via email that the incoming response would be trimmed by the system such that just their latest response would be added to the ticket rather than everything that came before it PLUS their latest response. The client will not trim their message even when prompted so this would naturally need to be an automated thing to happen as responses are added to the ticket. ...more »

Submitted by (@mweaver)

MSP Manager

Option to delete Rate Template without data loss

Would be nice to have option to delete rate template without impacting existing tickets and time entrances. Support suggested going through every ticket and update rate template to new ones and then delete old rate template. Deleting rate template at the moment could end up deleting ticket or time entrances where it has been used. Removing the rate template from service plan would also end up with data loss according ...more »

Submitted by (@gen.lee)