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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Sunset checkbox to be available when adding an automated task

Automated tasks are nice, but they live forever unless manually deleted. And sometimes you only need a task to run once. It would be nice to have a "sunset" checkbox available when adding the task. When the checkbox is checked, the automated task would be automatically deleted from the device after a period of time which could be specified when checking the box. This would save a lot of manual cleanup work and also ...more »

Submitted by (@megabill)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

How to speed up the RMM dashboard

I've been avoiding looking at a network profile of the RMM Dashboard, but stumbled on it tonight, and laughed to see why: Loading takes over _200_ separate HTTP requests, and _20MB_ of content download. I'm attaching screencast GIFs of this in both Chrome and Firefox Quantum (the new fastest browser). It stops when the page finishes rendering. No wonder first load is nearly 90 seconds. But it doesn't have to be this ...more »

Submitted by (@gulltop)