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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch Management scheduled reports.

There is no way currently to see (other than manually going through each site one by one) the scheduled sites/servers/PCs that are automatically set to update. For example I have 10 sites set to patch on a third Wednesday of each month. Or have I? It might be that some have been changed in the past I have no idea about unless I go through each one which would take a few hours. To have detailed overview of the schedule ...more »

Submitted by (@richard.nolan)

MSP N-central

Allow changing unscheduled downtime in a rule

A client has backup/media agents setup on Windows servers and windows workstations and would like the windows workstations to have the unscheduled downtime turned off when one of these Backup/media agents are discovered under a filter associated to a rule. Currently there is no way to set this under a rule or a service template, it's set by device class. The reason is if the Backup/media agent goes down, backups won't ...more »

Submitted by (@barrett.letch)

MSP N-central

Mail custom made powershell output as body

Could you make it possible that when a automation script has been run we can put the output of the script into the body of an e-mail without having to mail it through a self defined smtp server. Now i use the Nofication Sussess Failed and Send task output file in Email. But this is in a zipped file and i would like to have it as the Body of the mail. Maybe you can make a output to body of nofication mail in the automation ...more »

Submitted by (@twijbrandts)