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MSP N-central

Change recipient of notification sorting when running script/AV

When you run a script/AMP/AV scan from the all devices view, you can select to have an email notification sent out to various users. The user list currently sorts by last name, but lists the users with the first name first. Change this to either sort by first name, or list in the manner of "last, first". That way the list will be alphabetical when searching. Example of how the list is sorted currently: Steve Jones ...more »

Submitted by (@bob.s01)

MSP N-central

Create or Set Custom Asset properties via AMP

it would useful to have custom device information be populated by an AMP script.

So for example we have a specific asset tag which is entered into the registry. We would like to be able to obtain this via AMP script and then update the custom asset information with it.


Then it would be handy to filter by the custom asset information.

Submitted by (@stealthuk)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Disconnected sessions

To be able to disconnect another technician when both are connected to the same machine using Take Control MSP Anywhere. aswell as the ability for the remote user can disconnect the session, the technician can close one of his sessions when connected from a different device and the technician can disconnect other technicians.

Submitted by (@s.linley)

MSP Manager

Service Item removal should NOT delete Tickets

When deleting service items, this should NOT delete all associated tickets. Deleting Tickets should not be possible AT ALL in a ticketing system for audit purposes. I understand a ticket has be associated with a service item, but I would argue that a ticket doesn't need to be associated with a Service Item and put into an 'Unassigned Service Item' filter. This would allow tickets to be associated at a later date - in ...more »

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP Manager

Add Column in Dashboard "Last Ticket Update"

Hi, I've asked this feature multiple times since it is in my honest opinion a basic need for a ticketing system. When you have a lot of open tickets you should be able to see the status of a ticket. I would like to have a column with Ticket Status: 'Waiting for customer' / 'Update from customer' something like that. Now you have to open up every ticket and check if the customer answered or not. If you have an helpdesk ...more »

Submitted by (@exabyte)

MSP N-central

Add Guest VMs to Asset info for ESXi Hosts

We stopped trying to monitor guest status on esxi servers awhile back because VMs seem to get moved around too much and it was a pain trying to keep things accurate. Now however, we do not know which VMs are on a particular host. It would be cool if that info was somehow pulled into NC and presented as asset info or maybe even a real time Direct Support kind of thing.

Submitted by (@mwilliams)

MSP N-central

Import and apply Policy (.POL) to endpoints via Agent

It would be great if we could apply policy files (.POL) via Ncentral.


Being able to enforce user/computer policies through the RMM would greatly improve our flexibility and reach when it comes to roaming devices/workgroup environments.


It also would make deployment (and offboarding) a bit easier, as our GPO presence within their AD would be reduced.

Submitted by (@achapman)

MSP N-central

Assign custom or threshold templates to services

I would love to see the ability to display a list of services based on service or name and apply a custom threshold or threshold template to one or more without having to rely on the service-template that applies to a device and all services for that template. The example I'm thinking of; A Client wants custom thresholds for Server Disk Space Utilization(%) based on the size of the disk. <= 500GB | 90% for failed 501GB ...more »

Submitted by (@jtolivar)

MSP N-central

Dynamic/Free Running Status of Probe Updates

It would be helpful to have a running status of where the process is in updating various client probes. Right now you click Update Now and just wait........sometimes forever.......and no status of any kind appears.


Please give a running status of what is going on so we know if an error occurred or anything like that that we should be addressing.

Submitted by (@ensncentral)