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MSP Manager

Need to see the Ticket Details in a report

There should be an option to be able to show the Ticket Details in a Report in MSP Manager. When a ticket is created the Ticket Details field is used to record important information such as who created the ticket. It needs to show in a report as it can contain critical details. Currently there is an option to include the details for a Time Entry but not for the Ticket Details. Both should be available in a Report. ...more »

Submitted by (@alex.almasy)

MSP Manager

Global billable/non-billable option for tickets

Would like to see a global option under Account Settings that will allow me to set "ALL" opened tickets and future tickets created to Non-Billable or Billable. Currently there is no option to globally make tickets non-billable and you have to individually uncheck the billable box when creating a new ticket to ensure the ticket is not billed.

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

MSP Anywhere

Entry Level Cost for MSP Anywhere

How about the entry level for MSP Anywhere NOT costing $600/year. ConnectWise has a FREE entry level that has one active connection and 3 nodes. You really need to look at your competitors and actually try to be competitive. 300 agents is not entry level and most startup MSPs such as ours can't affor 50/month for each thing and we don't have that many break-fix AND we already have n-central. Why would I want to buy 300 ...more »

Submitted by (@lloydcarroll)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Allow for broader drop-down dialogs for Clients and Sites name

There are several dialogs in the RMM dashboard where there are unnecessary short fields for drop-down menus which causes wrapping of the content which in turn makes it much harder to discern the possible selections in the lists. For example Client in Critical Events Report and Notes Report, Clients and Sites in Device Inventory Report, Check Clearing Report, Username and Event in User Audit Report and so on. There is ...more »

Submitted by (@dgronjord)

MSP Manager

Ticket responses to not include Ticket email

When a customer replies to a ticket, it is including the full HTML formatted original email response we sent to them. Although this may be handy in very rare circumstances, This adds huge bloat to the list of responses in the ticket view. Instead of having a single line reply from a customer there is the full response that we sent them in their reply pushing everything else way down the list. In the image below, it only ...more »

Submitted by (@wilkinsit)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Easily Select Client, Client/Site or Device from North Pane

It would be great if it was possible to right click a Client or Site (with Client) in the North Pane and easily set it as the current selection in the Monitoring and Management tree. And in the same manner right click a Device in the North Pane and set the device's Client and Site in the tree and fill in the device name in the Search Servers/Workstations/Devices box. This would make life a lot easier in dashboards with ...more »

Submitted by (@dgronjord)