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MSP N-central

Increase maximum datastores supported

When I build a service template for our vcenter appliance and add the service check Datastore (VMware), the limit is 100 datastore.😪

I need three times that amount. Please raise the limit to at least 300 or 500. For the moment I can only monitor 1/3 of my datastores.


Submitted by (@tgm.ng)

MSP N-central

Allow changing of state labels

In regard to the following labels: Failed Warning Normal Misconfigured Stale Data No Data Disconnected I would like to be able to change the names of these statuses. I primarily only have issue with the status of "Failed" though. I'll give an example of why I take issue with it. Here is the title of a ticket created by N-Central in for a service that has gone beyond the highest alert threshold for the service: Alert: ...more »

Submitted by (@andrew1)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Show script syntax when adding a script check

When you add a script check to a system, the first window lets you choose the script to add and shows the description at the bottom when you select a script. The second window lets you enter the command line and timeout. But, does not show the description or usage notes. I usually put examples of proper command line syntax in the usage notes. If a tech can't remember the syntax, they have to close that window, open the ...more »

Submitted by (@devincampbell)

MSP N-central

Maintenance mode for individual components

I'm looking for a way to add a maintenance window for an individual component from a server. For example a service or CPU monitoring. In my company we run in to some issues where sometimes a service is showing down time during the night because of a job running or for example DISK I/O because of a back-up job. Normally with these types of issues we would enter a maintenance window for the device, but this means we would ...more »

Submitted by (@oscar.witzand)

MSP N-central

Managed Bitlocker with N-Central

Cause of the new european law our Customer need to encrypt their harddisk. So we have to take a look for a way to manage this. Next thing is. What happen if a user lost his password? He need a recovery key. Would be very nice if we see this recovery key in our n-central Interface. I Think ... if kaspersky can do that. N-Central should be have no problems with that feature. Kaspersky only say Windows "Start Bitlocker" ...more »

Submitted by (@heick0)

MSP N-central

bulk reassign probe on devices

The ability to bulk reassign the probe was needed when the VM which held the probe onsite failed. I had to manually mouse click through all 131 devices to have them use the new probe. You can select all devices from the 'All Devices' view and click on 'Assign Probe'. When you need to do this for 10 or so devices that's not a problem, but this many is undo able. And using the keyboard to script key presses doesn't work ...more »

Submitted by (@sebastiaan)

MSP N-central

Manually installed patch not sync'd with Patch Management

This is not really a feature request but more of a bug! However, Solarwinds MSP Support suggest that I add this bug into here. There is an issue where if a patch has been identified by N-able Patch Management as Needed / Not Installed, and then someone manually installs this patch on the device itself, then the Patch Management system will not detect this and the patch will remain as Needed / Not Installed. What SHOULD ...more »

Submitted by (@johnnyva)

MSP N-central

Internal/SO/Client/site-level RSS Updates

It would be handy if we could use the N-Central RSS Updates feed ourselves, for internal announcements, client details, warnings etc. If we had access to this feature, we'd need to have have the additional ability to: -Prevent users from disabling the feed (or at least prevent them from disabling our internal announcements) -Control who sees these announcements (if a client has access to their company, we don't necessarily ...more »

Submitted by (@achapman)

MSP N-central

Increasing AVD License limit refreshes Rules.

We have limited the number of usable AV Defender licenses for each client as to what they pay for. This is to avoid AV Defender being installed and used without it being charged for. But when a new PC is added and an additional license is added, yyou need to then edit/refresh the Rule automatically installing AVD to all devices in order for it to automatically apply. I think the Rule should refresh either the same rate ...more »

Submitted by (@madelineoryx)