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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Fix AV software to delete identified files and emails

The antivirus software is of no use if it is only going to alarm users that it is not doing what they expect. Too often I am getting emails being identified as infected but no removal. There needs to be a programmatic way to delete or at least send these emails to a quarantine folder in the uses email so they can review and delete them. This is also true of files found in other compressed folders we are seeing more of ...more »


MSP Manager

Contacts view from ticket

As far as I know there is no way to see more than one phone number or edit a contact from the quick contact view in a ticket. If I need a cell phone number or if I need to edit a contact I use the contact option on the right in the ticket view. I have clients that have over 50 contacts. I really struggle trying to find a contact by email address even if there are only a few. My human brain works by names, not by email ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch Management Engine Support for Cisco Webex Applications

Patch Management Engine Support for Cisco Webex Applications


Got a request from a partner to integrate/support Cisco Webex Applications to our Patch Management Engine 3rd party patches list:



MSP Manager

Report by Date Logged

Currently in the reports on MSP Manager you can filter by the date the ticket was closed. I need the option to specify a specific date range that the ticket was logged. For explanation, for some clients each month I send them a list of tickets Logged the previous month that shows the time and date logged, and the time and date closed with the amount of hours the ticket was open (This is currently worked out manually, ...more »


MSP N-central

Map a String to a Value to be able configure a threshold

On certain devices the OID's value of a service we'd like to manage is a string only. It would be nice to map this string value to a integer value to be able set thresholds. Example: OID's value = green . Then make "green" = 1 . Then for the threshold set the value of 1 as "Normal". If the string value ever changes then "green" ≠ 1 and it switches to "Failed".