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MSP N-central

Configuring from address for all emails sent by Report Manager

Report Manager attempts to send an email to useagestats@n-able.com, but the from address is not configurable. Many mail relay configurations will not allow the email to be sent. If this From address could be configured, more mail relay configurations are going to be able to send it properly

Submitted by (@amy.cooper)

MSP N-central

IP address and FQDN Visible in Dashboard/Views

In previous MSP's that we've used, in the 'all devices' and 'dashboard' views we've been able to see the IP address of the device in question, as well as the FQDN. OFTEN, being able to see both at the same time is extraordinarily helpful. Can you please modify the all devices view and give the option in the dashboard views to display BOTH?

Submitted by (@quibow)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

NetPath - Needs inbound trace to be effective

Currently customers are only able to configure a NetPath from inside to an external URL.

What about customer that want to check paths to websites they host, so from the outside in.


NetPath needs a node hosted by SOlarWinds that can be used as the start point so customer can have full isibility

Submitted by (@austintovey)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Need a status indicator for Continuous Recovery

When we start a continuous recovery restore, there is no real status indicator such as a percentage indicator or a progress bar that shows you the progress of the task. Something similar to when performing a backup/restore in the Backup Console and it shows you the status of the job using the progress bar with details of the files its restoring. Having something similar for a continuous restore task would be helpful. ...more »

Submitted by (@bfleishman)