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Ability to search for ALL patches within Patch Approvals

Currently many servers indicate their are updates missing with no approval. However when i go into Patch Approvals, both by Device or By Patch, it seems to indicate all available and needed updates have been either approved or declined.

When i check Patch Status V2 on the server it shows me the KB it's missing; however when i go into Patch Approvals by Device or by Patch, i cannot locate the KB.


I was advised by SolarWinds support that this is due to not being able to show all patches because of performance issues. If they show all previous updates, server can go down as their are too many of them. For reference N-Central Case 01064351. Only way to approve such patches is to create an Auto Approval rule to target the patch.

This may work just fine for 1, maybe 2 servers, but when you have 100's maybe 1000's of servers with missing updates this becomes quite tedious to identify the missing update and then create an auto approval rule to target that specific patch. If search worked correctly, i'd be able to quickly identify all missing patches without an approval and easily decline or approve them.



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