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Ability to set variables in Automation Manager by client

It would be nice if there were an ability to set a Automation Manager variable per-client, and then have the Automation Manager use that variable.


For example, let's say you wanted to use Automation Manager to set a DNS server for each client statically, but wanted different clients to use different IP addresses. I think it'd be nice if you could go into the dashboard, edit a client, and maybe under the tab of "Executive Summary" there was a tab for "Variables". In there, you could create a variable for "DNS server", and put in the IP you want to use. Then, in Automation Manager, you could have an option to set a "Global Variable" by querying the dashboard to find out what the "DNS server" variable is set to for that client. Then, you could just assign that same task/check to different machines at different clients, without having to modify the task/check to have different variables at each client.


I'm not sure that explanation is completely clear, so in the example of setting a DNS server, right now I can make a task that will do that. I can have an input variable where, when you add the task to a machine, it will ask you to specify the IP address fo the DNS server. I can add the task to Client A, and when it asks for the DNS server, I can put I can then add the task to Client B, and when the

wizard pops up for adding the task and asks for a DNS server, I can put


However, I'm suggesting there could be a place for each client where I can say, for client A, the variable 'dns_server' to be And then I could set the same variable in Client B to be Then, I can set up the same exact task across both clients, and tell it to use the client variable "dns_server".


There are a bunch of different ways to use this. Let's say that you want to set the password for the "Administrator" account across all your clients, but you want each client to have a different password. Or you might want to run a disk free space check for all of your clients, but set different thresholds for different clients.


It might seem silly and pointless, but it'd make managing tasks and checks easier. You could do bulk editing easier. It'd be easier to tell if your checks/tasks are set to what you want. I know you can already kind of achieve the same result with templates, but it's still a bit tricky to change all of your checks/tasks to a new value without risking duplicating or losing existing checks.


Idea No. 2258