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Add an option to auto-uninstall agents

There are cases where we are currently forced to use the agent because the applet doesn't support things like switching users or using ctrl+alt+del. Our current support flow is:


1. Clients connect to a technician via a form we have built utilizing the new session api

2. Session starts with the applet

3. Tech assists the client with the applet


If the tech needs to change the logged in user to a local or domain administrator

4. Tech has to add machine to my computer and convert to an agent session

5. Tech can either a) manually remove the agent at the conclusion of the support session or b) manually go through the agent settings to set an expiration time.


We need an alternative to steps 4 and 5 because techs forget to uninstall the agent or forget to set an expiration. As a result clients have the agent installed long term and shouldn't and we have to police our my computers list to remove agents that were left behind.


If there was a global, department, and/or technician setting to specify a default expiration period or better yet an option in the console to end a support session AND uninstall the agent that would greatly improve our quality of life.


Thanks for considering this request!


Idea No. 2860