MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Auto-removal of Malwarebyes when Web Protection installs

Would like to see the Advanced Monitoring Agent or Web Protection installation remove Malwarebytes or disable MB Web Protection driver. What is happening is that when Web Protection is installed on a device that has free or licensed MB 3.0.0 or higher uses a Web Protection feature. This Web Protection feature uses the same windivert that both the Web Protection and MB Web Protection rely on.


Essentially what we would like to see is that when Web Protection is installed it would run a quick scan to determine if the local machine has MB free or paid MB and/or if the driver is installed. If any of those equals TRUE it would not continue the Web Protection installation and it would turn the icon from Yellow (Pending Installation) to Grey (Not Compatible) and show a warning in Summary tab that an action is needed to continue the installation of Web Protection. This would help reduce the # of end-users who lose internet connection when they are using MB AV or malware removal and do not realize the repercussions to using the MB Web Protection feature.



Thank you.


Idea No. 4077