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Automation Manager Loopback

I was messing around with the Automation Manager just to see what we could do with it. It's pretty cool but there's one key thing that I think would be very useful.


When doing an If/Else policy, I noticed there was no way to loop back the Else control flow after it had run to re-run the policy to then continue with the "Then" control flow. This would mean you'd either have to copy the rest of your If/Else policy after the "Else" OR run the whole policy twice. I contacted support just to see if there was any way to do it and they confirm there currently is not.


I've added a picture to display what I mean as I know just trying to read it can be a bit confusing. Essentially, after the "Else" has run (if required) I would want it to follow the red arrow just to keep it clean. This means if I make any changes in the future to the "Then", I wouldn't have to make it after "Else" if I chose to re-create the policy under there.


A nice way to do this would be another control flow (e.g. "Then") that allows you to revert to a policy object and run it from there.


Hope this makes sense to everyone.


Idea No. 4110