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Bring Back Expanded Description Box in Chrome Support Portal

The description box and comment box when submitting a case to Solarwinds used to be expandable (Exactly like this description box can be in ideascale). You could grab the corner and expand the box making it easier to edit your descriptions and copy or paste error messages. The symbol is still in the corner of the text box however when you click to drag on it nothing changes.

If you attempt to create a new idea here you will see that you can resize the "description box" which is how it is supposed to work however if you create a new case in the support portal you will notice that you cannot resize the "description box" or the "comments box" when replying to the support team.

This functionality worked before the support portal was updated and the symbol in the corner is still there but does not function. I'm assuming it is some tag in the page which prevents resizing of all text boxes on the page. Although it can be adjusted to only prevent some.


Here is the code on that page which is preventing the window from being resized:

textarea {

resize: none;



This functionality is part of Chrome and has never worked in IE.


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