Change link to ideas board on the ControlNow Trouble Shooting Pg

Providing feedback and feature requests


Use the feedback form in the Management Console to tell us your thoughts, opinions and suggest new ideas about the product.

1.Click Feedback from the top right of the Management Console.

2.Explain your issue and request in the space provided and click Submit.

3.If you want to suggest ideas or vote for ideas that were suggested by other users, click ideas board.


Submitting feature requests


Submit new feature requests to the LogicNow Ideas board Factory. The idea factory process requires that:

ControlNow users submit idea requests for new features.

The community (you and other users) votes for other users ideas.

Most voted for ideas float to the top and their importance increases.


Through understanding the needs of our customers and by listening to your ideas, we will be able to continually deliver better technology . Visit ideas board to view or submit ideas.


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