Mail Assure

"Email me this report" (Rightaway & AtGivenDate) not work !

I do many of test and those reports not send any mails.

*Recipient: lokal user, remote domain user - not work.

*Sender: empty, local/remote mail or or - not work.


but "Repeat" sometimes send mails and sometimes not send mails where a data exist and the "Skip sending if there are no results" is not active. Your cron is not working? You better read what is NTP.


In my opinion this product is full of bugs and migrate from MSP with only one person in my country to give a "support" and with BAN on direct support at vendor is very very bad ideology for using this product.

Buggy product.


Even worst. I cannot EDIT existing ESR (Repeat delivery) and when I try "Execute search" on old rule then 500 error, on new created works. BUG on BUG.


This is Alpha or RC version, not production.



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