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Export services monitored and thresholds

I want a way to export a list of all services being monitored, and what the default thresholds for those services are on the template. No need to get into device level thresholds, I would just like to be able to go to the SO level, go to configuration>templates, and have a button that exports all the templates to an excel sheet, and under the template list the services, and under the services list the theshoulds. So the report would look like:


Template: APC UPS

Service: APC UPS

Threshold: Replace Indicator: 1-1 Normal, 3-3 Warning, 2-2 Failed

Threshold: Tim Remaining (Seconds): 2400-4294967295 Normal, 1200 - 2700 Warning, 0-1500 Failed

Threshold: Battery Temperature (C) 0-40 Normal, 39-50 Warning, 49-65535 Failed

Service: Humidity:

Threshold: Sensor Status: 0-0 Normal, 1-1 Failed

Humidity (%): -1-40 Normal, 39-50 Warning, 49-100 Failed

Template: Active Directory

Service: Active Directory 2012 - DRA

Threshold: LDAP Successful Binds (Requests/Second): 0-10000 Normal, 100001-20000 Warning, 200001-4294967295 Failed

Threshold: LDAP Searches (Requests/Second): 0-1000 Normal, 1001 - 2000 Warning, 2001-4294967295 Failed


etc etc.


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