LOGICcards Feedback should be simpler, not go to IdeaScale

This morning I received an email alert about a new LOGICcard: an urgent red alert that some devices are not running the latest MOB engine. The LOGICcard says that 991 of my devices are out of date. That's surprising since I have nowhere near that many devices.


Why this is worth an email alert and most LOGICcards are not, I don't know.


Why I get a High-Importance alert that MOB is not up to date, when NONE of my devices use MOB, I don't know.


After clicking "View the list of clients affected" (all of them), I got to a Feedback link--which brought me to IdeaScale? Huh? Why am I looking at a list of all kinds of ideas about LOGICcards? All I want do do is send a quick message back to development: "Hey, check the device count, that can't be right."


I don't have time to create a ticket or formulate an an enhancement idea every time I see a bug in MaxRM. But if I thought feedback would actually go to someone who could fix things, I might type a quick sentence.


So the enhancement proposal is to use the Feedback link to provide "this is great" or "this is broken" feedback directly to a LOGICcards product manager, who could bundle obvious issues and send them to development. With Feedback, minimal response is required or expected. If the feedback includes a more complex support or enhancement request, refer the person back to the ticketing system or IdeaScale. This could actually apply to all areas of the dashboard--lower the hurdle for providing quick feedback and you might get more of it, and thus a better chance to catch bugs as they appear.



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