MSP Backup & Recovery

MSP Backup dashboard added to Backup Manager Status report

Currently all backup notifications have to be configured through the MSP Backup client on a per device basis, which takes time to configure and also track through email messages.


N-Central's Backup Manager status report only shows the current status for the ArcServe D2D Backup Manager with no option for running a status report (either adhoc or scheduled) for MSP Backup. Adding a couple of MSP Backup reports showing mulitple Servers would be extremely useful, both for us and also for a number of customers that also like to be included on daily backup status reports so they can keep an eye on their own backups.


A basic status report showing the Dashboard to get an overview would be very useful, a second report showing multiple Servers with detail per Server (i.e. combination of current status report but for multiple Servers, not just one) would also be very useful.


Idea No. 1024