MSP Manager

MSP Manager Scheduling Options

I would like some more options in MSP Manager.


1. The colours for the techs are too close together in some cases.

Being able to select my own colours for the techs would be helpful.

2. If I move or delete an appointment, many other appointments will

shift around. It would be so much better if each tech had his own column so

that all of their calls would line up. This would make the colours for the

techs redundant.

3. The techs get an email when a ticket is assigned to them. They also

get an email when an appointment is created, even if the appointment was

created as part of the ticket. If I change or rearrange any appointment they

get an email. The volume of emails can be very high. I have one tech who

gets a lot of emails from customers already and because of the volume from

MSP Manager, he has missed some customer emails. Unlike tickets, there does

not seem to be a way to turn off appointment notifications. Also, ticket and

appointment notifications need to be able to be set by tech and not just on

or off. In other words, they need to be more granular.

4. The appointments view does not refresh. If I add an appointment I

must refresh the page, which is a pain because then I have set my view up

all over again because there is no way to save the current view. Which in my

case is all techs and day, as seen above. So I click refresh, x out my name,

and then click on Day. A lot of steps considering I could do these 15 or 20

times a day.

5. When I open an appointment, the ticket that is associated with it

should be clickable from there.

6. When a ticket is marked as completed, the appointment associated

with it should be removed.

7. I need to be able to access the appointments for all techs on my

phone. This way, if I am out of the office, I can create a ticket and an

email on my phone instead of having to start up the laptop to do it.


Idea No. 3394