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Meraki Dashboard Integration

Integrate with the Meraki Dashboard API and Webhooks. Most of this could apply to other management dashboards (eg Ubiquity), but I am most concerned with Meraki as we sell and support it. Documentation for the API and Webhooks available from: and


- Add an option to the SaaS screen to provide credentials for a Client's Meraki Dashboard.

This would take an API key, which is setup in the Meraki Dashboard in advance.

- Setup Orgs and Nets: Query available Meraki Organizations, show a drop-down to map the NCentral Customer to a Meraki Organization. With that mapped, query available Meraki Networks, show a drop-down for each NCentral Site to map to each Meraki Network.

- Push SNMP Setting: Checkbox option to push SNMP Settings to the Meraki Organization, drop-downs to select relevant SNMPv1/2 and/or SNMPv3 configurations as set in NCentral -> Administration -> Defaults -> SNMP

- Push Network Alert Settings, checkbox mainly to configure the Webhooks URL

- Bonus Points: If you integrate with Trusted Metrics, checkbox option to push Packet Capture, Logging (syslog), and NetFlow configurations.


- Add a Discovery Job Type (option?) to Discover Meraki devices.

- Drop-downs for each Meraki device type to map to a NCentral Device Class, or to not import certain types. (Note: there is no "type" field in the Meraki API, the first two letters of a model specify the type)

- Discovery jobs can pull basic asset information for every device, and update it as necessary.


- Add support for the Webhooks API

This might be possible to add as some kind of EDF translator, so you wouldn't need to modify the way monitoring data is stored in the DB.

For all alerts received, if the relevant monitored data isn't provided in the hook (typically is), trigger the service monitor to refresh data from the API.

- Network-Wide Alerts: Support Configuration Change alerts (show dates of changes), VPN Connection Up/Down (show connection Name and date/time)

- Wireless Alerts: Gateway and Repeater Offline, show in AP Device

- Security Appliance:

- "Meraki Status" for Appliance Offline (Status) alerts.

- "MX Status" service monitor in the device that shows occurrences of Uplink Statuses, Cellular Connection State, Warm Spare

- "DHCP Status" service monitor for DHCP Lease Pool, Rogue DHCP, IP Conflict

- "Security" service monitor with Malware Blocked events

- Switch:

- "Meraki Status" for Switch Offline (Status)

- "DHCP Status" service monitor, same stuff as the Security Appliance above.

- "Port Status" service monitors, with Down, Cable Error, Speed change.

- "SW Status" service monitor with Power Supply and Temperature

- Wireless:

- "Meraki Status" for AP Up/Offline

- Support for Cameras, Systems Manager, and Bluetooth is optional at this time. We barely use these, and don't plan to expand much (until plans change).


This is a very limited subset of the API, but would cover what the trends and events that we want to record historically, and generate notifications from.


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