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Notification frequency per trigger and trigger per metric

I have a few thoughts on two features that would improve notifications for us.

1) Allow us to override settings for delay, recipient, and repeat every per trigger. Use case: We like to set the frequency of our warning notifications much lower than the frequency of our failures. Currently that requires two notification profiles, one for failure and one for warning. Double the work 😞!

2) Allow us to create triggers that are associated with one, multiple, or all metrics for the selected service(s). Use case: For the disk service, I would not send notifications for Disk Usage (%) with the same logic as I want to send alerts for Disk free space (GB). Currently, my only option is to treat all warnings and/or all failures for metrics under the Disk service the same. I don't want to create a custom service because I then lose the ability to rely on "Use Asset Info" when the service template is applied to a device.


Please consider these changes. Thanks!


Idea No. 4574