MSP Backup & Recovery

Password requirement for Script creation

Submitted on behalf of Oxilion

I understand the need to secure the creation/modification of scripts. However, this should (in my opinion) only apply to actions done via the webGUI! Since one can login to the webGUI with just the device's backup-credentials.


In the case the initial setup, as we're doing, one is already logged into the CLI as 'root' or equivalent super-user (i.e. with sudo permissions), so the need to enter the root-password again is superfluous, again in my opinion of course This is mostly because we predominantly work without password-authentication for non-root access and grant our staff-members sudo permissions, so there is no need to know the root-password of the concerning devices.


I would therefore like to submit a feature-request to change the BackupFP configure-tool to not require a super-user password when executed as root or equivalent from the CLI, and only ask for a super-user password when working in the webGUI.


Idea No. 3909