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Patches Installed with Errors, cannot find KB number

I've ran into this a few times, please reference your KB000034502


Patch Status indicates some Patches have installed with Errors. Only way to correct is to re-install the updates so the errors clear. Alternatively if you believe patch is correctly installed, you can DECLINE and have it removed from reporting. Me personally, i'd prefer reinstall option to ensure patches are correctly installed. This also ensures correct metrics in reporting.


Unfortunately if the patches in question were installed further back than 3 months, you will NOT be able to obtain the KB numbers for you to reinstall them. Per the KB article I've referenced above, you need to open a support case and have SolarWinds support run a query to find them for you. If the information is already present within N-Central, why do we need support for this, can the option not be made available for us to obtain this information? Opening a case for support to do it is time consuming and unnecessary in my opinion.


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