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Pre-filled data for "Request Assistance" live chat.

There is no way to currently pre-fill data for the "Request Assistance" form that a client needs to fill out for Name, Customer # and Email. The data for these fields is entered in by our support department when we are adding the agent to their computers so that they show up under "My Computers" in SolarWinds N-Able MSP Anywhere. It is logical that there would be a way for the agent to pre-fill this data based on what we have entered in already for whatever fields we choose, leaving the other ones like "Name" to be filled by the client. At the very least, it may be possible to edit the settings on each individual agent installed on the client computers so that this data can be pre-filled by what we save relevant to those fields on the client side. Without this, it is impossible to identify which store/location the client is associated with if they improperly fill the fields out, since it is not already pre-filled.


Idea No. 2429