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Realtime Server & Network Monitoring

(Posted by ChrisM on behalf of Lewis)


The cornerstone of Server, Network and System monitoring is being able to know and respond if there is a network outage or server down. The device overdue, and a 5 min 247 ping check does not provide realtime alerting for when the network and/or server goes down. Hence the customer, whilst paying for their new managed service, proactive monitoring, is calling us to tell us their network is down!


Therefore I propose a Server Offline/Network Down check that polls every 30 seconds to provide a meaningful alert of that condition, so we aware of the condition before the client and can gain the iniative by responding.


The best ideas are the simple and basic ones. I believe this is one of those requirements that shouldn't get lost as GFI develops to be an all-encompassing MSP platform.





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