MSP N-central

Patch Rules to run based off nCentral Time, not targeted Server

Currently N-Central runs patch management tasks based off the target servers timezone. I'd like to see the ability for us to choose whether to use targeted server timezone or the N-Central time to run tasks.


Example - i have approval to take down Server1 and Server2 at 6PM PST; however, Server1 has time set to EST timezone and Server2 has timezone set to GMT timezone. So if i were to set a schedule in N-Central for 6PM, it runs based off the targeted servers time. So Server1 will be patched and rebooted at 3PM PST and Server2 will be patched and rebooted at 11AM PST. Both of which will be outside the 6PM PST window i was given.

The workaround is for me to create separate rules per timezone and calculate correct local time of the server to schedule them for, so that they fall under the 6PM PST window. This can prove quite troublesome and a nightmare to manage when dealing with 1000's of servers. If i have option to run based off N-Central time, it will push out the tasks regardless of the targeted server's time settings.


Idea No. 3785