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Smarter Backup & Recovery checks - Improvements



We would like to request an improvement regarding the way the integrated backup check currently works.

Currently, if a backup is not ran accordingly to the schedule that is set up on the device, the backup check is ran anyway and we get an outage saying the backup wasn't done.


Think about end users that switch off their workstations after their working day. The backup is never ran if it's planned to be ran after workhours.

The next day, Daily safety checks are ran without waiting the end of the missed backup from yesterday evening, therefore we get an outage.

I've taken workstations for example, but you'd also get the same problem for people that use a laptop and randomly switch on/off their laptops during the day.


When you manage a big amount of devices, you start to get a bunch of failures on your dashboard on a regular basis.

We need to delete each Backup check failure in order to only get relevant outages that we actually need to focus on and troubleshoot. It's really a pain and it reduces our productivity.


To avoid getting this problem, it would be nice to be able to choose how this backup check works.

Within this check configuration, we could get a setting to say: "wait for the completion of the previous missed backup BEFORE triggering the Backup check.""

This way, we could have less outages for this kind of scenario that we currently can't really do something to "fix".


Along with this new setting, when the device is turned on and the backup is not yet started/finished: The backup check could trigger a warning within the dashboad, like the status we already have for the antivirus: "delayed" + yellow check. (for example)

The backup check could stay delayed until the backup is finally completed.


Would it be possible to get this kind of behaviour?


Thank you.


Idea No. 3296