MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Template doesn't always apply service checks

If I apply a template to a system to check for a running service and that service doesn't exist on the system, the check doesn't get applied. For example, I use a template to push out ShadowProtect. It contains an automated task to do the initial install and several checks (backup check, services, event log, etc.). Since ShadowProtect isn't actually installed yet, the service checks don't get created. I now have to apply the template, run the task to perform the install, then apply the template again to get my service checks.


I understand why the decision was made to apply templates this way, but for some templates I don't want the system to be "smart" and fail to install all of the checks that I expect to be present. This procedure leaves me in a position where I might forget to go back after the install finishes and re-apply the template to make sure all checks are in place.


Idea No. 2266