MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Time stamp of checks/automated tasks/dsc-set time per site

This is more a bug report than feature request.

Presently, a server will show its local time in the dashboard for "last response" value, this leads to servers last response in the future/past.

Daily safety checks will run at the time on the server which is fine.

Automated tasks will also run at local time on the server although the reported run time in the task history is shown as the client configured time.

eg. server in china has automated task for 21:00, it runs at 21:00 server time but shows as being run at 14:00 (client time zone).

Time zone is only configurable per client but would like to have the ability to set time zone per site as a few clients have servers in several time zones, if this was so then would make things alot more transparent for when tasks have or will run/when they last reported in/when dsc should run.

Hopefully this is not me being fussy and enough people will get behind this to get it implemented.


Idea No. 2781