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View-Scope Options for Pages with Multiple Levels

Add a drop-down to filter the current view in Issues, Devices, Jobs, Monitoring (Dashboards, Notifications, Rules), Scheduled Tasks (Add/Remove, Repository), Security Manager, User Management, etc: Show Items "At this level and above" , "At this level only", "At this level and below".


Example descriptions: Assume I'm at a Customer level, looking at User Management, and there are users at the SO, Customer, and Site levels.

"At this level and above" would show the SO and Customer Users, the Site users would be hidden.

"At this level only" would show the Customer Users only, others would be hidden.

"At this level and below" would show the Customer and Site Users, the SO users would be hidden.


Bonus Points if you integrate this with Idea 283573-4178, making Filters, Dashboards, and Recipients into items at a specific level, so they aren't globally viewable.

Bonus Points if you can restrict the scope options based on User Role (ie, X Role can only select "At this level only" and "At this level only and below" (they never see the "above" option at all).


Idea No. 4566