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Windows Service Check and handling of Application Updates

Basically, for service each service check there's an option to wait for anywhere between 1 and 5 consecutive failures before alerting. For normal service checks, I can edit them individually or do the "Edit checks like this" and edit all of the checks across all my servers for all of my clients. I can also set a default value in the monitoring template, and then any new server will get the value I want.


However, the checks that are added automatically by a Solarwinds component (Languard and the MAV), the edit options are restricted. I can still edit the values of those checks individually. It's just that there's no place to set a default value because they aren't added as part of a monitoring template. Additionally, "Edit checks like this" is disabled for those checks, and the checks don't show up when I do "Edit checks like this" for other service checks.


If I could set the number of consecutive failures to 5, then that might give enough time for the updates to complete without the check reporting a failure.


So I'm not asking to be able to change any setting that I can't already change. If I could set a new default for that check, and if I could use the "Edit checks like this" feature that already exists for other service checks, then I could configure this myself.


Or, if it's easier, perhaps you guys could just change the default for these checks when they're added to only alert after 5 consecutive failures. At worse, it would just delay the alert in cases where the AV is experiencing a real problem, which I personally would be fine with. I suspect that your other customers would generally be ok with it if it were explained that it was a measure to prevent false positives until you can develop a better solution.


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