MSP Manager

users should ONLY be able to enter time under their own name

Currently in MSP manager any User can go to a ticket and enter a time entry under another users name using the time entry drop down box.

This has happened at our company and caused a problem as the user name attached to the time entry DID NOT do the work, and was held accountable until i showed the relevant people in our company this flaw.


Contacted Solar winds about it - reply: "Unfortunately, I was able to confirm with our team that restricting the available users to the one adding the response when adding ticket responses is not an option at the moment. I would encourage you though to submit this as a feature request via so it can be considered in our future releases."


A standard user should not be able to enter a time entry under someone else's name. Please up-vote this as im sure you can see the problem here. - Make it like the notes section, there is no option to change user there.


Idea No. 4401