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MSP Service Desk

Service Desk: Improve customer feedback feature

For Service Desk ticketing product, customer has option to leave feedback when they receive a ticket update. Improve feature as follows:


1. Allow customer option to select if they want feedback to be anonymous, or not (presently it defaults to anonymous w/o option).

2. Allow admin to configure email notification for feedback, i.e. auto email to tech and/or tech's manager, etc.

Submitted by (@tropolis.group)

MSP N-central

Granular settings page access to Read-only user Roles

Currently on our Role options, Direct Support tools can be setup based on Customer needs. The Settings page of the Device view has multiple products available for modification. Request is to isolate each component so that we could restrict an End-user Role to ONLY enable/disable AV Defender for example.

Submitted by (@alex.henderson)

MSP Risk Intelligence

Whitelist CVEs

On 99% of computers these CVEs are flagged as a threat. However the computers either don't have MSXML installed and or are fully patched. Customers seeing this report then think they are at risk when they are not, 5810 - MS13-002 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution (XML 4.0) (9.3) 5889 - MS12-043 - Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution ...more »

Submitted by (@austintovey)

Mail Assure

Ability to change the date and time Format in MailAssure reports

Currently there is no way to change the date/time format of the TIME column in protection reports. This column doesn't use the default date/time setup chosen in the Admin level control panel, Settings page. It uses yyyymmdd (no dash or / )and then military time making it hard to read for my U.S. based customers, they are all U.S. based.

Submitted by (@mohammad.siddique)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch deferment via popup on local machine

Please add the ability for us to send a custom popup when patches are about to be installed so that the user has the ability to defer patches ie 30mins, 1hr, 6hrs, 24hrs, etc. At times patches install themselves in the middle of a workday and in the case where the user cannot be interrupted this is VERY much unacceptable. The user should have the ability to at least defer 1 or 2 times so as to complete their workday ...more »

Submitted by (@hubandspokeit)