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MSP N-central

Patch Status Failure sorting

Prior to 11.1, when looking at the details of a failed status, the items were sorted by Description. e.g. Patch status always had the order of Missing patches Patches installed with errors Reboot required Now it appears the details are sorted by the Threshold column. This makes it difficult when looking for devices that have a failure for a specific item (High Priority Patches: Notify me if....) as the sorting of ...more »

Submitted by (@bob.s01)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Restore anything in the cloud even when the device is offline

I want to be able to grab files from any system backed up to the cloud and be able to move them to any other system. Please make this a possibility. This should be a basic thing for simple file backup and recovery. If you could make this a thing for hyper-v and xenservers, that would be cool too.

Submitted by (@elementalwindx)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Master Encrpytion Key for account owner

If you forget your encryption key (or if a malicious employee decides to go off the rails) you're customers backups are worthless.


Allow the MSP business owner a master restore password that only they would know that could override all other backup passwords.


Give us the option to have one global password for all, or one for each client. (I personally would prefer one global for all)

Submitted by (@elementalwindx)

MSP N-central

Options for Auto Postponement of Reboot Windows

If you configure a reboot windows to allow users to postpone beyond the reboot window the system currently, if no user responds to the popup warning window, postpones the restart for 4 hours after the warning window timer runs out. This is not documented anywhere at the moment I can find and support states it isn't in the documentation. But I have been assured by support this is by design. I believe this is it outside ...more »

Submitted by (@abirchler)

MSP Manager

Kanban workflow synchronized with MSP Manager

This may be a rock in the sky or a freaking brilliant idea! Imagine a "Trello" look-a-like or why not an integration between? Imagine a Kanban board totally synchronized with MSP Manager, allowing technicians to easily see when and who's working on which task, a possibility to split a ticket into two tasks shared between two co-workers for example.. Imagine a graphical kanban flow for MSP Manager system.. I would bet ...more »

Submitted by (@oscarholst)