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MSP Manager

Sub msp manager instances for customers

We have a requirement for customers we support to provide there IT team with the same helpdesk as ourselves. However we would need them to be able to have there own helpdesk area with the ability to escalate tickets to our helpdesk but the original ticket remain in there helpdesk area. The customer helpdesk needs to have the ability to utiize there own mailbox for support requests sent to there team and also use the ...more »

Submitted by (@b.wilson)

MSP N-central

Increase N-Central restore file size of 2 Gigs.

We have been a long time N-Central customer. Our backups are 15Gigs at the moment. When we have to restore, a call to support to help us FTP the backup onto the new N-Central server in order. Would be nice to lift this limit. I understand that there are space limits but on a new server it should be able to handle any size file theoretically.

Submitted by (@boricuatec)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management


I would like to have a 24x7 check or DCS check maybe of HARDWARE/SOFTWARE modification. Depending of the use case is important to know. Example: a not authorized people to modify, unfix or install/unistall a hardware/software without authorization. And possibility of a report of what HARDWARE/SOFTWARE was modificated.

Submitted by (@doutorinfo)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Request to put back "Total Size of the used storage"

From old CMC you are able to see TOTAL Size of the used storage per Customer and also on each devices. This is very useful when we are selling the license as a pool license. But i don't see this TOTAL Size of the used storage per Customer in the new Web portal https://backup.management anymore. I would love to have this feature back in the Web portal. Thanks. It can be appear in any way: Dashboard - Selected Customer ...more »

Submitted by (@louise)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

E-Mail Notifications When New Agent Installs are Detected

There should be a function that allows users to get e-mail reminders when a new agent install is detected on the dash. The customer had indicated to me it's sometimes difficult to keep track of new devices for accounting purposes when his techs install new devices and e-mail reminders would help them keep track of this for their backend accounting purposes.

Submitted by (@christopher.may)