MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Response Report - Last Response & Last Boot Time

Despite two of the main columns in the dashboard being Last Response and Last Boot Time, there are no reports that include this data.


It would be nice to have a report that includes this information, perhaps a separate report specifically for this purpose.


Alternatively, this should at least be part of the XML Data Dump.


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MSP Manager

Ticket Status Updates from adding response, notes, time, etc

We are getting all of SLA breaches due to Technicians forgetting to update ticket status'. I think the problem is Techies are responding or working on a problem (so adding a response or timer) and theres no option to update the ticket status within the 'add' sections. You have to save then section and then edit the ticket its self to change the status. That ruins the workflow. What would also be good would be the status ...more »


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MSP Manager

Ticket responses to not include Ticket email

When a customer replies to a ticket, it is including the full HTML formatted original email response we sent to them. Although this may be handy in very rare circumstances, This adds huge bloat to the list of responses in the ticket view. Instead of having a single line reply from a customer there is the full response that we sent them in their reply pushing everything else way down the list. In the image below, it only ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Showing Last Response on Device Inventory Report

I believe that reporting is very important for us to analyze everything. I have tried some reporting on MAXFocus, in general is very good.


One thing missing is the last response time on the device inventory report. I would like to see which computers that have long response time and see how many devices that have not login for xx days, with export to excel will easier for us.


MSP Service Desk

Comments in Logging Time Optionally Becomes a Response

Please consider a checkbox near to the comment, that optionally turns it into a response to the ticket as well.


The comments you type when logging hours, often are the same as the response you will give to the ticket. Today we have to fill the comment while logging hours and then fill the response too, often techs forget that, and its a unnecessary rework.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Dynamically Updating Server list with traffic light system

Presently the server list constantly has to be refreshed manually. For a more 'real time' experience and expedited response, we'd like this to be dynamically updated so we can see events as they occur. with the potential of a traffic light alert system. We already set options during the Agent's install where by we configure servers types (Exchange .etc) so if a service like Exchange Information Store stops, the dashboard ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Client Response

Option to setup up rule to change a sub-status to Client Responded once they have replied to an email. This allows for us to quickly see by filter or sorting those tickets that have received a response instead of having to check via email or delve into each ticket.


Hopefully I am not missing anything but per support this is the only way to do it currently which is very time consuming.


Thank you


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MSP Manager

Response subject editable

When sending a response you should be able to edit the subject of the email. Because of the lack of workflows in MSP Manager around customer status we tend to put things like CUST, CLOSE 5PM, or ONSITE, etc at the start of the ticket title. We don't want these on the email to the end user but at the minute that means you have to edit the title to be what you want on the email subject, send the response and then edit ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Response and restore

I realize this is pretty fundamental to the way you have set Service Desk up but in my understanding a Response is when you first acknowledge a ticket and take the initial action towards resolution, usually including the customer; rather than Service Desks definition that the job is finalized or Restored. I need to track and report on the response time from ticket logged until it is first actioned or responded to and ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Time stamp of checks/automated tasks/dsc-set time per site

This is more a bug report than feature request. Presently, a server will show its local time in the dashboard for "last response" value, this leads to servers last response in the future/past. Daily safety checks will run at the time on the server which is fine. Automated tasks will also run at local time on the server although the reported run time in the task history is shown as the client configured time. eg. server ...more »


MSP Manager

Add Sensitivity: header handling for opt external email security

It would be a good idea to add an option to set / detect the email Sensitivity: header field. This is a RFC-standard field that is also settable in MS Outlook's Options dialog for example. This'd be the natural hook to trigger an external security solution, as in, set Sensitivity to higher than normal in the response generation to get encryption for outgoing mails. (In case you're discussing potentially sensitive or ...more »