MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Missing or wanted API calls

Please find my feature requests for the API Integration that GFI offers: - Get client details (get individual client details based on client ID) - Get site details (get individual site details based on site ID) - Get workstation details - Delete workstation (remove from GFI Dashboard and uninstall agent from workstation on next run) - Delete site (remove from GFI Dashboard and site must contain no workstations to be ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Active Discovery - data from API and/or LogicCards

Hi, as the data from Active Discovery is not available from the API, there is no way to really use it, like listing all computers that are missing agent for all clients. We need to check customer by customer, network by network to have a full list. On large environements (like those with few hundred clients) there is no way to do it in an efficient way. It would be nice (for not saying mandatory) to either have access ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

API Query to retrieve more check information



We have seen a number of requests where users would like to obtain more information from failing checks. A good example would be the vulnerability check where we can see how many patches are missing / vulnerabilities identifed, but it would be ideal if the API query could document what vulnerabilites were identifed / what patches are missing / require reboot etc.

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Webroot integration with new UnityAPI

Webroot just introduced a new API called UnityAPI and looking at many of the other RMM's out there they are starting to integrate with this new API to attract businesses who use Webroot.


If your company uses Webroot or plan to do so, please vote for this and share.


Learn more here:


API documentation:

Youtube intro:

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MSP N-central

Access to NCentral User’s Name and IDs in the API

Since there is access to AddUser and User Roles, there should be a method similar to GetUsers (our employees), with the User’s name, Id, NCentralID and other similar and hopefully relatable data provided. See also related suggestion for “Add Primary Responsibly to Customers/Sites” Idea No. 3442.

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Addition to API to allow 3rd party Generated Alerts

Hi All, I would like to suggest to have the ability with the API to be able to submit an alert either against a site or device. The idea being that if you have a program that isnt directly compatable with the dashboard checks, you have the ability to create an interface (either with script or with other services) which can raise ad-hoc alerts agaist a site/ device. Following this through - maybe also adding in the ability ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

API Overview

It would be useful for each client/site to have just one API to say number of machines Take Control is installed on, MAV, Patch Management etc. As we bill customers based on the number of devices they use here. We are currently doing it manually so looping through rather large XML files so doing it in one big XML doc would be easier and quicker.

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