MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Allow MOB to do Local Only Backup

It would be nice if we could sell Local backup only (for a small fee) with an option to provide off-site protection as an upgrade (for a larger fee). i.e GFI charge us a fixed fee per device for local only and then a small per Gb price for the off-site protection. It would be a much easier way to sell the product to clients as will be able to give them a good estimate of their costs based on the size of the local vault. ...more »

MSP Backup & Recovery

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Backup to Local Only - no cloud storage

I have used another cloud backup software that allows you to backup ONLY to local storage or network storage without backing up to the cloud at all. Since there is no cloud storage they simply charge a software license monthly fee of $5 to use their software.


I have several customers that love this and I need GFI MAX Backup to support this before moving all our customers over. PLEASE ADD! :)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Quota System of MOB

Create user quotas for MOB, which generates alerts when a user is nearing their defined limit. Many of our customers like to monitor their backup usage, and instituting a quota system with our current offsite backup provider that alerts us when they near that quota allows them to budget properly (or remove unnecessary items from backup), and keeps them from getting angry about suddenly skyrocketing backup costs.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Alert via email when managed online backup (MOB) job fails

Managed Online Backup (MOB) as a solution that gives businesses the option to backup their data offsite which we know is very critical. This is why when a scheduled backup fails it MUST send alert stating the backup failed and not wait until the daily safety check (DSC) runs. We offer a completed managed backup solution to our customers with another provider and when a backup fails we are looking into the issue immediately. ...more »