MSP Manager

Auto-Refresh Tickets and Dashboards

We need an option or a button in the UI for the ticket list and statistics, both in the Helpdesk and the Dashboard, to enable/disable auto-refresh at a selected interval, i.e. 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes. While the existing manual refresh button is helpful when you don't have auto-refresh, it is troubling that every users has to remember to hit the refresh button to determine if something has been changed or a new ticket has ...more »

Submitted by (@erikszaks)

MSP Service Desk

ServiceDesk - Ability to customize "helper text" for tickets.

We need the ability to change some of the default “helper text / tool tip text” for tickets. For example, in the customer portal, when a customer goes into the "submit ticket" section. For the Description text box is just says "describe the problem." This needs to be customizable by us partners. I'd like mine to say "Please describe the issue and what troubleshooting steps you have already taken." For different ...more »

Submitted by (@obyone89)

MSP Service Desk

Global setting to turn off automatic email when creating tickets

We are currently not wanting to email our customers every time we create a new ticket as we feel it creates unnecessary spam. There is an option to supress the sending of an email when a new ticket is created, however this can be easily overlooked. Please could you include a global setting which reverses the current status quo and would not send email confirmations as standard when creating a new support ticket. Also ...more »

Submitted by (@shaunbridges)

MSP Manager

Audit entries in tickets

I would like to see a note added in a ticket when an action is taken on a ticket. By an action I mean a note to say who did what and when. The actions should include: Creating ticket, change of status, change of who is assigned to ticket, change of due date, change of priority, closure of ticket, re-opening ticket,etc. for a change in status or priority the not should state it was changed from _____ to _____ so that ...more »

Submitted by (@paulodell)