MSP Backup & Recovery

Reporting for Compliancy

I would like to see a way to pull historical report of device actions. from CMC we can currently open device history and see either last 28 days or all sessions. Specifically, for SOX reporting, we have to show all backup and restore activity for 90 days. currently, I have to open the all session history and scroll to the start date of last quarter, highlight all entries to end date of quarter, and copy and paste. this ...more »

Submitted by (@wayne.jondle)

MSP N-central

Reseting Probe Password

Recently I needed to change the password on a probe for a client site. I go into Administation>Defaults>Appliance Settings>Credentials for one of our users. I change the Agent/Probe Password, select the Propagate check box, and click Save. When I go back into the screen and Show Password, the old password is still displayed. There is no indication that the change has been accepted or not. All I can assume is that the ...more »

Submitted by (@gperolli)

MSP Manager

Ticket Details missing when support request is submitted via ema

Ability for the details of support request from the body of the email message to appear in Ticket Details section. When we get the email notification in Outlook, Ticket details is blank and we have to actually go into MSP Manager Help desk portal to view the details of the problem in the 'Response' section instead. Some of our technician are out on the field checking the support request via their email on their cell ...more »

Submitted by (@aida.enriquez)

MSP N-central

Unable to monitor all disk in overview page

Hi Team,


We are currently monitoring RHEL 7.3 os using N-central, we have configured nagent on server.


We are unable to monitor all the disk on overview page of Linux server, it showing only random disk.


Please help us to monitor all the disk on overview page of RHEL server.


Kindly find the attached screenshot for same.

Submitted by (@linuxadmin)

MSP N-central

Hyperion API service status details



I would like to extract custom status details from a service status in combination with the Hyperion API. With the class DeviceGetStatus I cannot retrieve the data I would like.


In our use case I want to get the status detail why a service is failing or succeeding. Like what CloudBerry jobs are running or what the status is.





Submitted by (@rinaldo)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Take Control as a tool for end user remote control

Something that we've run in to here is that we currently use a remote access tool for our end users, and each user only has access to their own PC We had hoped that Take Control would allow us to replace this additional system, but two things stopped us. 1. In order to limit the user down to just their PC we'd need to create a site for each PC, a bit of a pain, but doable - however this then left us with a reporting ...more »

Submitted by (@iain123)