MSP Manager

Tickets should be searchable by number only

Tickets in MSP Manager should be searchable with out having to clear filters or enter a # before the ticket number. By default a filter is selected and unless the correct one is selected (or all filters are cleared) no results are found. It is very confusing as even searching for known tickets provides no results,

Submitted by (@alex.almasy)

MSP N-central

Discover whether a device is on Microsoft Azure, AD, Workgroup.

I want to determine whether the logged in user is a Microsoft Azure, AD, Workgroup account in used by an agent. This would be most importantly when deploying agents, when auto-discovery-and-probe finds a windows device and can't install the agent due to credential mismatch, because this device is on the network but is part of some other domain controller, Azure, AD, or Workgroup. This is specially problematic with windows ...more »

Submitted by (@jdiort)