Mail Assure

Spoofing prevention with DMARC Monitoring

I understand that in addition to an SPF record, DKIM and DMARC should also be setup to help prevent 3rd parties spoofing the sender domain. At the moment, setting up DMARC is problematic as we have no system that is capable of receiving the DMARC (XML) reports to extract useful information from. Mail Assure could also encompass the reporting based on the DMARC reports, this would encourage / help in setting them up. ...more »

Submitted by (@wayneb)

MSP N-central

Take Control: show Customer name when in session

We use take control a lot and mostly in simultaneous sessions.

When you have multiple sessions running it's hard to see which server you are controlling.

You can see the device name above, but we also want to see the customer name.

We have customers with similar server/client names (based on internal naming conventions).


Is this possible?

Submitted by (@roel.spaepen)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Keep Client name in SolarWinds RMM red even if device turns off

Have several clients that have only 1 device. This device is usually a laptop and not a desktop so it frequently goes offline. What I see is that when a check fails it triggers the Client Name under Monitoring and Management to turn RED. However, since there is only 1 device for the Client, when the device goes OFFLINE it then changes the Client to GREY indicating there is no current issues. Since the devices could ...more »

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Need a Way to Manage Clients / Sites By Tiers based on Features

There should be a way for the MSP's to quickly see what "Tier" or "Status" their client / site is and this would be based on what type of features they are being billed on. This would allow MSP's to quickly monitor and see if the client has features installed that they either aren't paying for, or are paying for but don't currently have installed.

Submitted by (@christopher.may)

MSP N-central

Improved Customer Selection PSA Integration

The current system of selecting the correct customers for ticketing profiles is quite a hassle. When you want to add only specific customers to the ticketing profile you have to press add multiple times, until you have all the customers for which you want to configure the profile. Next you have to select all the customers that don't need the ticketing profile and delete them. A checkbox construction would be much easier ...more »

Submitted by (@trivisionjdb)

MSP N-central

Auto enrolment via AzureAD Joined Machines

Alternative to InTune Features we need. Auto enrolment via AzureAD Joined Machines Here is a link to Microsoft's way Serverless (Probe less) option for machine management. They have people traveling on and off campus and will need access to support and control the devices anywhere (Securely). Serverless AV management, updates, deployment, reporting and controls. ...more »

Submitted by (@fortastor)

Mail Assure

whitelist should not bypass virus scanning checks

Whitelisted addresses should not bypass virus scanning checks in the spam filter. Please submit your idea with care. Remember to tell us *what* you want to do, *why* you want to do it, and *who* it will benefit. What : Mail Assure spam filter to stop viruses from being delivered to mailboxes. Why : nobody needs to receive an emailed virus, even if the address is whitelisted (or the whitelisted address is spoofed). ...more »

Submitted by (@poskeyl)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Expanding API possibilities

First of all, forgive me my poor english. What I would like to see is an expansion of the API possibilities. We offer a service called "Managed Workplace Management". "Managed Workplace Management" is a combination of RMM, Antivirus, Webprotection, patchmanagement, backup & recovery, etc, each with separate settings. Now I want to build a script via API, where a dashboard user and a client group is created (or copied ...more »

Submitted by (@renedejong)

MSP N-central

Trending / Reoccurring Failures to not self-close

One of our clients had a Print Server that was struggling with the number of print jobs. While it was struggling N-Able would alert a 'Failure' on high CPU and create a ticket. The Server would then reboot itself, clearing the print queue. CPU monitoring would then go back into a 'Normal' state, closing the ticket. This happened 5-6 times within a week. If N-Able had recognized the trend or reoccurring issue, the Service ...more »

Submitted by (@madelineoryx)