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Automation Manager Object - Unix/Epoch Time Converter

Can we please have the ability to convert a Unix time (eg. 1558101338) to a typical readable format, via an automation object or as an addition to the current Format Date object. Many registry keys store time/date in Unix format and i'd rather not have to script a simple registry check and having to run it as Powershell. A current use case for me is Sophos Autoupdate registry keys that report on last update time, sync ...more »


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Notification frequency per trigger and trigger per metric

I have a few thoughts on two features that would improve notifications for us. 1) Allow us to override settings for delay, recipient, and repeat every per trigger. Use case: We like to set the frequency of our warning notifications much lower than the frequency of our failures. Currently that requires two notification profiles, one for failure and one for warning. Double the work 😞! 2) Allow us to create ...more »


Mail Assure

Import users to 'Manage EMail Users' via ldap rather than CSV

I manage multiple domains, managing indicudual user addins defeats the purpose of the LDAP sync for mailboxes.

I want all my users to be able to login to the web portal.


Can we please have an LDAP sync for users in this area the same way we have the LDAP sync for the mailboxes, or better yet, have an option for the Mailbox LDAP sync to create the Managed eMail Users


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Physical Drive (Dell) Predictive Failure vs Non-Certified

Currently a "Physical Drive (Dell)" in warning with "Drive Status = 1" could be either predictive failure or a non-certified drive


It would be incredibly helpful to be able to differentiate between the two so that drive monitors aren't turned off or ignored because people are used to seeing it as a non-certified drive.


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include MAC addresses in Hardware Inventory Report

Currently the MAC address information is not available in any report of Report Manager, even "Hardware Inventory Report" still only have IP address. Partner is suggesting to have MAC address being added into "Hardware Inventory Report", and it's very logical since MAC address is far more "hardware" than IP address.


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Meraki Dashboard Integration

Integrate with the Meraki Dashboard API and Webhooks. Most of this could apply to other management dashboards (eg Ubiquity), but I am most concerned with Meraki as we sell and support it. Documentation for the API and Webhooks available from: https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/api and https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/webhooks/ - Add an option to the SaaS screen to provide credentials for a Client's Meraki Dashboard. ...more »


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View-Scope Options for Pages with Multiple Levels

Add a drop-down to filter the current view in Issues, Devices, Jobs, Monitoring (Dashboards, Notifications, Rules), Scheduled Tasks (Add/Remove, Repository), Security Manager, User Management, etc: Show Items "At this level and above" , "At this level only", "At this level and below". Example descriptions: Assume I'm at a Customer level, looking at User Management, and there are users at the SO, Customer, and Site levels. ...more »


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Report on users at all levels

We've run into several scenarios where we need to report on users at all levels, e.g. to determine who has which roles, or to see who has 2FA enabled. Currently we can only see SO users at the SO level; to see users created under each customer, we would have to navigate to each customer level. I'd like to be able to either see users at lower levels (e.g. a "show users at lower levels" checkbox on the SO users page), or ...more »