Mail Assure

Submitted by (@g.maroso)

Import Historical Data into Archive from Outlook direct or PST!!

I'm incredulous that it does not have a good system to capture all the chaos of PST we have in networks customer and keep it safe on MailAssure. Customers want to have just one mail archive. I would say that the best way is from browser button to upload PST and then the backend mail server MailAssure imports and indexes. Alternatively, you may have a Win32 tool that reas PST and API uploads. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@amy.cooper)

Filtering before adding services

In some environments, when monitoring a large number of network devices or ESXi services, not all possible instances of services such as Interface Health may need to be monitored. Having a way to filter which services are added based on discovered asset information would make it much easier to right-size the monitoring, rather than manually disabling to deleting services that aren't actually needed. For instance, a good ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@sammyinfiniteit)

Custom scripts cut down on what results to provide

Here is an example of the results of a custom script using powershell: Original: Disk Size 664.720699310303 Disk Free Space Pre Cleanup 324.47265625 Run PowerShell Script Input parameters: Output parameters: Result: 0 ResultString: Delete Temporary Files failed: Delete Temporary Files Input parameters: DeleteTempFiles: True DeleteTempInternetFiles: True DeleteCookies: True Output parameters: Result: ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@sabir.ahmed)

Automation Manager Loopback

I was messing around with the Automation Manager just to see what we could do with it. It's pretty cool but there's one key thing that I think would be very useful. When doing an If/Else policy, I noticed there was no way to loop back the Else control flow after it had run to re-run the policy to then continue with the "Then" control flow. This would mean you'd either have to copy the rest of your If/Else policy after ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@madelineoryx)

Schedule uninstall AV Defender maintenance window

We lost a client to another IT company and they want us to remove AV Defender at 12:00am.

Instead of me having to create the AV Defender uninstall rule or bulk removal of AVD ( at midnight, I propose we have an uninstall maintenance window so that we can schedule the uninstall.

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@bingyu.tian)

modify default notification recipient in bulk

By default, the primary recipient in every notification profile is the Product Admin account, currently if the partner wants to modify this setting for all profiles, they need to click into every single notification profile.


Partner would like to see N-central having the ability to modify default primary recipient in bulk.