MSP Manager

Option to delete Rate Template without data loss

Would be nice to have option to delete rate template without impacting existing tickets and time entrances. Support suggested going through every ticket and update rate template to new ones and then delete old rate template. Deleting rate template at the moment could end up deleting ticket or time entrances where it has been used. Removing the rate template from service plan would also end up with data loss according ...more »

Submitted by (@gen.lee)

Mail Assure

'self healing timescales' on Scout reports

Currently if a user unsubscribes to a scout report the remaining reports do not adjust to 'fill in the gaps' for example: Automated digests are set at 0800, 1200, 1500 if a user unsubscribes from the 0800 digest as expected they no longer receive that digest, however, the 1200 digest only contains information on quarantined mails since 0800, rather than as the user might expect, since the last digest they are now subscribed ...more »

Submitted by (@chrismonk)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Alert when checks have not run when expected

From time to time DSC and 24x7 checks aren't running when their supposed to, which can be caused by fmplugin.exe being blocked or c++ 2013 redist not being installed properly.


In these cases it would be good to have a device alert if a device is online and reporting to the dashboard but checks aren't running when expected.

Submitted by (@morten)

MSP N-central

Patch Management Notifications

I think we need to be able to configure notifications for end users to alert them that Patch Management will proceed on a given day. It will serve as a reminder to leave their PCs on as well as to save their work - might be worth making the notification itself customisable in the content. Currently, I've found two ways to notify users. One is through the patch profile but it will only alert users if a reboot is required. ...more »

Submitted by (@sabir.ahmed)

MSP N-central

Approved patches installation by Batch/selection to the operator

Most of our end users are requesting for batch /selection of the patches from the approved patch list, reason being some of the devices were away from long time showed up 100+ patches to be installed, will take very long time if we install all of them at a time so this step based approach would allow smooth installation without having device out of service for long time

Submitted by (@v.suresh)

MSP N-central

Remote Switch Access via Port Forwarding / MSP Connect

Currently, remoting into a switch via N-Central is done via Java, which is clunky, and doesn't always work well. MSP Connect has a really powerful (and really under-appreciated) port forwarding feature. I would love to see this feature integrated into N-Central for switch remote access, so that the connections can be initiated via the MSP Connect agent via an onsite probe rather than Java when choosing to remotely connect ...more »

Submitted by (@bryon.perona)

MSP N-central

Fail-over server

The ability to run redundant servers in multiple locations as fail-overs in case the primary site goes down. I Imagine this could be done by adding a secondary IP or FQDN to the agents to point to as a secondary server. When both are up it reports to both servers but when one goes down it will still point to the other. This will be useful for all customers particularly those who's sites are in disaster prone arias like ...more »

Submitted by (@bburell)