Solarwinds Take Control

Postpone updates on Remote when there is an active session

If there is an active remote session take console should not run the auto updates and should postpone the upgrade until after the session is closed.


This morning, May 6th 2019, upgrades disconnected active remote sessions locking the remote computes (per our configs) and causing general issues with supporting clients in a timely manor. This is an easy thing to prevent with proper checks in the update code. .


MSP N-central

Connectwise Managing Multiple Ticketing Recipients > Same Ticket

Currently when you use a Connectwise Manage ticketing recipient, you can attach a time entry. However, every time N-Central updates the ticket it will enter this time entry. In some occurrences we want the same ticket to be updated with multiple types of ticketing recipients, so that we can bill clients for some actions, and other actions can simply be n-central supplied notes. Example: Scenario 1: Monitor goes failed ...more »


MSP N-central

Patching the DMZ systems which doesn't have access to internet

For Patching the DMZ systems, but we don't have internet access on these DMZ servers, so kindly inform how can we process to get this issue resolved. there should be some way.

Systems which doesn't have access to internet but we need to get them patched through N-central, need some resolution on this.


MSP N-central

Lock recurring discovery jobs (for ESX)

As far as I know you need a recurring Discovery Job if you want to update the asset information for a ESX Server. I create these discovery jobs but other users can disable, remove, change these discovery jobs. I think it would be a very nice feature that we can 'lock' recurring discovery jobs. So I know these jobs couldn't be simple changed or deleted. Or create an option on the ESX devices where we can set a schedule ...more »


MSP N-central

Changes to propagation of custom properties

Hi all, Currently when making changes to custom properties at the SO level you can save and propagate,, but you will lose all configured settings on customer and site levels. It would be nice if there would be a save and propagate changes which will leave all already configured settings untouched and just propagate the additions. Furthermore it would be useful to have a checkbox on the customer property screen on the ...more »