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Add language support

Hello guys again, I created this more than 2 years ago and nothing changed. We definetely need language support in Service Desk. IT technician can use enghlish, why not... but our customers not! Maybe just editable customer portal content and UTF-8 support would be nice! Than everyone can edit texts in portal by own. As I write in another idea - we are in 21 century and lot of Service Desk alternatives can do the same ...more »


MSP Service Desk

Hourly Rate, entry minimum

It should be posible to set a time minimum when entering a case entry for a customer using "Hourly Rate"

Fx. working with a ticket in 5 min.

Hourly rate for the customer = 800

Time minimum for an entry (even used time is 5 min.) will automatik be set to => 15 minutes = 200

If working 25 min. price should be 200 as well.

The minimum should apply to time entry below 15 min.

MSP Service Desk

Setting a saved view as the default ticket view

I like having the ticket substatus in the view so I know which tickets need attention. I have it saved under "My saved views" but any time I leave the window to go into a ticket, when I return it defaults to the original view (no substatus). Is there a way to pin the substatus or make the saved view the default view?