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API Query posibility

I would like to make it possible to combine and filter data based on a query. For example receiving all information about:

- Client

- Site

- Device

- Device features

- Device backups

- Device virus


So i can determ my own columns and filters. Make it possible to load all colulmns and values instead of installed vs not-installed i would like to be able to see all other states like, failed, pending, etc.

Submitted by (@josjr87)

MSP Service Desk

Customisation of Ticket Views

I understand that you can create custom views, and save them as "My saved views", and that you can also add additional columns to the ticket view. However, additional columns are lost when you change views, refresh the page, etc. and it is tedious to set them each time. I would also imagine that most people use their own custom views more than the default views in the system. It would be really helpful if we could ...more »

Submitted by (@andyw2000)

MSP Service Desk

HDM auto populate assigned end-users to tickets created

This is for Help Desk Manager. We have users/computers integrated with N-Central and HDM, plus a list of all network device in N-Central which also maps to HDM. Within HDM, we "assign" an end-user from LDAP to a device. It would be speed up our response time that when N-Central reports a problem on a device and creates a ticket that HDM would auto populate that client info to the same ticket so I can quickly see who to ...more »

Submitted by (@dheaton)

MSP Service Desk

Automatically assign due dates

There appears to currently be no way to set a default due date under ticket or queue settings, nor is there a rule field you can use to set a ticket due date. Our agents do not generally manually set due dates when they create tickets so it makes it virtually impossible to get any reliable data from reports based on due dates. While this could be addressed as a training issue, it would save time and make far more sense ...more »

Submitted by (@dr.wormhole)

MSP Service Desk

Automated Reminder for Open Ticket

In Servicedesk, it would be excellent to have a Reminder-function (By Email for example) when a Ticket is in a certain State for a longer time.

It would be excellent to have a Timing for this, and a User specific template which is sent to the Supporter the Ticket is assigned to as well als the Customer

To notify them of the current status, and the workload to do, and workload done

Submitted by (@j.suckow)

MSP Service Desk

Auto-Assign Custom Fields

We get these "New Hire" notifications from our HR department. This is automated through their payment system. Here is an example of the body of the ticket: This is a new hire that requires IT needs. Please contact the General Manager for specific needs. Full Name: REDACTED Location: Loc-A109 Job Title: Cashier/Receptionist Start Date: 9/5/2017 I want to use the provided “Location” (In body of ticket) to change the "Location" ...more »

Submitted by (@pbumbalough)