Feedback for LogicCards


Submitted by (@hromero)

Block Logic card viewing in client accessed dashboard

We would like to offer our clients the ability to use features of the dashboard, but have noticed that the default client role exposes the LogicCards to the client, and therefore basic details of our client base.

Can the ability to turn off LogicCard Access be included in the Permissions and Roles area of the dashboard?


Submitted by (@morten)

Failed 2FA Logiccard

There's a Logiccard which will give information regarding failed 2FA attempts. This Logiccard currently shows IP Address, City and Country, in addition to a date stamp. This should also display the username of the user failing the 2FA, so they can tell the user to change their password if it's been compromised. I know it's possible to look up this information in the User Audit report, but it would be easier if it was ...more »


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Submitted by (@idezrsp)

Assign via E-Mail MISSING from LogicCards

Bring Back the Assign Task via e-mail option from LogicCards. We do not use the ServiceDesk option. We have tried several times, it's just not ready for prime time, missing features, etc.


We used the Assign via e-mail to send LogicCards to our support queue. This was fairly easy and USEFUL and now it's just gone.


Bring the option back!


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Submitted by (@chasvircio)

Malware Advice is not timely and therefor not helpful

The Logic Card "MAV: Viruses on the rise" arrived a month late. The data plot indicates the campaign peaked the end of October rendering an end of November notification unhelpful.

Given the mercurial nature of "malware campaigns" propagation trends need to be reported as soon as the indicators are statistically significant.


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Submitted by (@sierrap)

Same LogicCards for everyone setting

I have been with my company 4 months and been the sole person responsible for the software the entire time. I only began receiving more than two Logic Cards about a week ago. Only once have I received a Patch Tuesday card. I have to ask my manager to send me all his logic cards, which takes time and makes no sense. If this can't be changed for everyone, at least make it a setting so everyone working on the software ...more »


Submitted by (@christoph)

Risky toolbars detected on your devices - nonsense!

The card just appeared in my dashboard, saying my ERP-Server has an unneeded toolbar installed. The 'Toolbar' is a component of my ERP-Software, which is barely or not known outside of Germany.

My guess: This LOGICcard does one simple thing - searching within the installed softwarelist for the string 'toolbar'. It is not using a database of risky software or something.


Please remove that card or tune it.


Submitted by (@widomaker)

client devices at risk of disconnecting from the dashboard

Looks like there is an issue with this LogicCard... Today I received the attached logic card warning that "38 client devices at risk of disconnecting from the dashboard " due to the upcoming certificate update. However, there is only one XP devices (pre SP3) in the dashboard. The list of affected devices included many other devices that should be unaffected.


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