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Tickets should be searchable by number only

Tickets in MSP Manager should be searchable with out having to clear filters or enter a # before the ticket number. By default a filter is selected and unless the correct one is selected (or all filters are cleared) no results are found. It is very confusing as even searching for known tickets provides no results,

Submitted by (@alex.almasy)

MSP Manager

Trim client responses to tickets

It would be Awesome if when I client responds to a ticket via email that the incoming response would be trimmed by the system such that just their latest response would be added to the ticket rather than everything that came before it PLUS their latest response. The client will not trim their message even when prompted so this would naturally need to be an automated thing to happen as responses are added to the ticket. ...more »

Submitted by (@mweaver)

MSP Manager

Option to delete Rate Template without data loss

Would be nice to have option to delete rate template without impacting existing tickets and time entrances. Support suggested going through every ticket and update rate template to new ones and then delete old rate template. Deleting rate template at the moment could end up deleting ticket or time entrances where it has been used. Removing the rate template from service plan would also end up with data loss according ...more »

Submitted by (@gen.lee)

MSP Manager

Time entry rounding depending on rate

I would like to be able to set Time entry rounding on different rates, so that I can differ the billing of different worktypes. For example: The 1st line support bill per started 15 minutes. The 2nd line bill per started hour. A Time rate could then be created called "Support" with an hourly billing of 100€ but accepts billing rounded to the closest 15 minutes. Another Timerate is then created called "2nd line" with ...more »

Submitted by (@kardac)