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Network Device Asset Service Item Billing

We're a new firm and have built our service offerings based on SolarWinds best practices. (Hint: Ask your rep for the cost calculator. Hack it to work for you!) Something with huge use potential would be automated asset import from RMM into the MSP Manager. Once the MSP Manager shows the asset (similar to what occurs currently with Workstations and Servers) we would have the ability to automate billing of dynamic network ...more »


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MSP Manager

Option to simplify billing workflow

Currently the billing workflow is a multi step process to end up with invoices in Xero.

1. +New Billing Batch

2. Review tickets/charges

3. Run Billing Batch

4. Create Invoices

5. Export To Xero


It would be great if we can creat a standard workflow and run it. e.g.

1. Review tickets from "Service Utilization"

2. Run workflow which will automatically run steps 3 - 5 above.


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MSP Manager

Customize the Fields included with Detailed Invoices

I would like the ability to customize the fields that are included with detailed invoices. Right now they include the tech name associated with the ticket and the ticket description, which isn't necessary for me. I would like to just include the ticket number and the ticket title on the line items of the invoice.


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