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Business hours - Lunchtime - SLAs

Hello, Currently, we only have a start and an end for work hours each day. It would be really nice to add the possibility to manage two work hours ranges for each day, allowing to stop SLA counters during lunch time and having much more relevant SLA statistics. Some companies simply don't work during lunch time and in that case, SLA counters just continue to be increased and it does't represent the actual reactivity ...more »


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Contacts view from ticket

As far as I know there is no way to see more than one phone number or edit a contact from the quick contact view in a ticket. If I need a cell phone number or if I need to edit a contact I use the contact option on the right in the ticket view. I have clients that have over 50 contacts. I really struggle trying to find a contact by email address even if there are only a few. My human brain works by names, not by email ...more »


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Report by Date Logged

Currently in the reports on MSP Manager you can filter by the date the ticket was closed. I need the option to specify a specific date range that the ticket was logged. For explanation, for some clients each month I send them a list of tickets Logged the previous month that shows the time and date logged, and the time and date closed with the amount of hours the ticket was open (This is currently worked out manually, ...more »


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Reoccuring Schedules need work.

The process to create a schedule to produce reoccurring tickets is VERY cumbersome when you have to do many of them. It would be nice to not have a Client bound to the Schedule and be able to define that in the ticket. This way it could be used as a "Template". Or have a template function. Also add Quarterly as a frequency, without it quarterly maintenance requires 4 schedules for the same client.


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Need to be able to link a site contact to multiple sites

When we are creating scheduled tickets to pop, we like to have the site contacts notified of the ticket. Some clients have their own in house IT that we are providing proactive services for that have automated tickets POP, and we need to be able to have that site contact attached to multiple sites. Right now when we go to created the scheduled ticket for a site, we assigned the company (site) contact to the ticket. ...more »


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Option to bill for negative amounts or use discounts in MSPM

There should be a way in MSP Manager to bill for a negative amount or to provide a discount. There will be times when a customer needs to be returned what was paid for an Expense or given a credit or discount. Currently the billing system only allows positive amounts to be entered and it should be able to accepts negative amounts.


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More Choices

It would be a great feature if there were more choices in reports, expirations, and service items. Sometimes without a lot of choices the reports and what-not are very limiting while trying to figure out the information I am looking for. As the Billing Manager, I have to run a lot of reports, and it would be great to see more options.