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Submitted by (@hotline)

Contacts from multiple sites

Hello, We would like to suggest an improvement regarding contacts. When creating a ticket, before choosing the name of the applicant we are asked for a site. But some people are on multiple sites, and they do not appear. If I want to create it, the save button can not do anything. It would be great to list ALL users of the client, first those of the site concerned and users of other sites. Would it be possible to get ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@pam.tki)

Formatting on Report column headers

We include time ticket reports with our invoices, downloaded as PDFs from MSP Manager. We can't select columns, adjust the formatting or column widths, etc.(wish we could!) so could you please correct the awkward title wrapping that's happening on some of the columns? It makes us look like we don't know how to use our own software.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@fideas117)

Make MSP Manager Compatible With Sage

I work for a company that utilizes MSP Manager, however we cannot fully integrate with MSP Manager because the financial aspect cannot communicate with Sage. This idea request is to build an integration tool that allows MSP Manager to communicate with Sage, this will help multiple company infrastructures to streamline as they will be able, like us, to more easily manage clients, tickets, and billing in one place.