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MSP Manager

Submitted by (@erwin.saranillo)

Automatically update the appointment end date/time

When creating an appointment, the start date and time will be set to the current date and hour, and the end date / time will be set to start time +30mins.


However, changing the start date and time does not automatically update the end date/time. It would be nice if it auto-updated to the selected start date/time +30 mins.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@kasey.tomasek)

Network Device Asset Service Item Billing

We're a new firm and have built our service offerings based on SolarWinds best practices. (Hint: Ask your rep for the cost calculator. Hack it to work for you!) Something with huge use potential would be automated asset import from RMM into the MSP Manager. Once the MSP Manager shows the asset (similar to what occurs currently with Workstations and Servers) we would have the ability to automate billing of dynamic network ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@neil.furminger1)

Notes Field required in Contacts

We have the need to contact people not just by Phone or email, but via Twitter, Yammer, Skype or Teams, and we would like to add these contacts details to an individual contact


An extra field required in Contacts to store additional notes. Or the ability to add some custom fields so we can add social media contact, position, team or department etc. Would be real help.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@erwin.saranillo)

Include ticket description in the notification email

Currently, when a ticket comes in via email, the email body is copied into a response and not the ticket description.

Thus, when the notification is sent the ticket description is blank. Can we have the ticket description included in the notifications email,

so that the users can view the description without having to open the ticket in the MSP Manager portal?

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@enzobastianello)

Role and permission by ownership

Is it important that a technician can change only own ticket, note and timesheet.

The fact that a technician can also modify the records of other technicians, in addition to his own, does not allow reliable management of external technicians. It would be urgent to implement a more granular security based on ownership of the ticket and the associated entities

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@b.wilson)

Recycle bin for deleted tickets

We feel it would be useful to have a recycle bin for tickets. Currently if a ticket is deleted it is permanently deleted and unrecoverable which means if there is a mistake it cannot be undone. With this it would be good to have a the recycle bin clear tickets when they reach a certain time in the recycle bin as well as a manual clear recycle bin. It would also be useful to have logs for deleted tickets so it can be ...more »