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Project reporting and billing

I would like to see better report and billing functions for projects.


I would like to be able to choose from a list of all active projects, no matter which customer, and create and export relevant reports with important data.

I would also like to be able to use a more granular billing function where I can bill project tickets separately and/or more visible project tickets on the invoicing reports.

Submitted by (@kardac)

MSP Manager

Project overview Dashboard

I would like to have a Project Overview Dashboard where I can view all projects on all customers and the important data, like:

Amount of project tickets

Involved resources

Amount of hours

project overall status: (on hold, completed, in work and so on)


A possibility to drill deeper into the projects or reported tickets I projects like in Company Dashboard > User Stats.

Submitted by (@kardac)

MSP Manager

Ability to search for a Merged ticket in MSP Manager

There should be way to search for a Merged or Deleted ticket in MSP Manager. When searching for a known ticket ticket number there are no results shown so there is no way to tell what has happened to a ticket. If a ticket is merged with another the notes are added but there is not a way to search for them unless the new ticket number is known.

Submitted by (@alex.almasy)

MSP Manager

User Colors

For viewing our technicians on the schedule our administrators can't assign techs colors. So if one tech isn't filtered then everyone has a different color assigned to them. We should be able to assign colors to our techs on the schedule board so our administrators can view and organize without having to think or guess who is who based on their color which changes based on the filtering.

Submitted by (@mad.data24)

MSP Manager

Ability to customise/add tiles on Dashboard - Aging Tickets etc

It would be very useful (and I think very easy) to be able to customise the 5 tile buttons that sit below the "my stats" section on "My Dashboard"

Specifically being able to add things like "unassigned tickets" or "My open tickets" etc.

Being able to customise this per user would be very helpful.

Submitted by (@murray)

MSP Manager

Kanban workflow synchronized with MSP Manager

This may be a rock in the sky or a freaking brilliant idea! Imagine a "Trello" look-a-like or why not an integration between? Imagine a Kanban board totally synchronized with MSP Manager, allowing technicians to easily see when and who's working on which task, a possibility to split a ticket into two tasks shared between two co-workers for example.. Imagine a graphical kanban flow for MSP Manager system.. I would bet ...more »

Submitted by (@oscarholst)

MSP Manager

Include all contacts and locations when adding a new response

Right now you can only choose a TO address in a new response for contacts if the Location is chosen in the ticket. In order to view all Locations and all contacts you have to leave the Location field in a ticket blank. I would like to see the ability to view all contacts regardless of which Location is selected.



Thank you.

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)