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MSP Manager

Submitted by (@michaeldonnelly)

Quick add button

Add a "quick add" button/dropdown at the top right of all (or most) screens, that allows you to add any item to any client.


Example: Create New Ticket, Create New Password, Create New Asset, Create New Procedure - etc


An easy example would be when updating a ticket, one might want to add a new password, or a new asset, but not have to leave the ticket and navigate to the client, to the sub-menu and then add.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@bluecomp.jim)

Move ticket to Unassigned when All Assigned users are removed

When all assigned users are removed from a ticket the ticket should be changed to "unassigned" status.


Currently when a ticket is assigned but no tech is associated it does not appear in either the "My Open Tickets" view or in the "Unassigned tickets" view, thus it is possible for the ticket to get lost in the 'cracks'.