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Reseting Probe Password

Recently I needed to change the password on a probe for a client site. I go into Administation>Defaults>Appliance Settings>Credentials for one of our users. I change the Agent/Probe Password, select the Propagate check box, and click Save. When I go back into the screen and Show Password, the old password is still displayed. There is no indication that the change has been accepted or not. All I can assume is that the ...more »

Submitted by (@gperolli)

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Unable to monitor all disk in overview page

Hi Team,


We are currently monitoring RHEL 7.3 os using N-central, we have configured nagent on server.


We are unable to monitor all the disk on overview page of Linux server, it showing only random disk.


Please help us to monitor all the disk on overview page of RHEL server.


Kindly find the attached screenshot for same.

Submitted by (@linuxadmin)

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Hyperion API service status details



I would like to extract custom status details from a service status in combination with the Hyperion API. With the class DeviceGetStatus I cannot retrieve the data I would like.


In our use case I want to get the status detail why a service is failing or succeeding. Like what CloudBerry jobs are running or what the status is.





Submitted by (@rinaldo)

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licensing anniversary notice pop up

We've had a licensing anniversary notice pop up. ... is it possible to send this only to administrative users, rather than have it on the login screen? It’s the licensing anniversary of your MSP N-central Server. To prevent your server from becoming unlicensed, please ensure that your server is publicly accessible over port 10000 and that we have your current FQDN or public IP address. If you need to contact us, log ...more »

Submitted by (@andrew.muriithi)

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Uploading AMPs that were created in AM 2.3

The 11.1 SP1 agent introduces the requirement for PS 3.0 with AMP's. If we don't upgrade the agent, then existing amp's will work. if we do upgrade the agent, then amp's will no longer work as the device doesn't have ps 3.0? So we don't upgrade. As the requirement for PS3 comes from AM2.4 on the device, shouldn't this mean that if we upload amp's to the server that were created in AM 2.3, they will work across all devices? ...more »

Submitted by (@andrew.muriithi)

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Use agentcleanup.exe tool when probe fails re-install

Support has pointed me to a file used for fixing broken agent installs called agentcleanup.exe, which should be used to fully remove the agent before re-install. I've run into issues with the probe re-install option failing for many reasons, and using this tool has been a real boon for us. Why not put it in the probe tools folder and let the probe try removal on initial failure, then schedule the re-install for 15 minutes ...more »

Submitted by (@paultm)

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Bring in System Information on imported iDRACs

It would be helpful if server information that is found within iDRACs was brought into NC as asset info. System host name is the main thing I am looking for. Most of the other info such as service tag and OS can be found on the monitored host's asset info. or another option would be to pull at least the iDRAC IP into asset info on the monitored host if that is possible. I'm basically just looking for an easier way ...more »

Submitted by (@mwilliams)

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Update agent and Automation Manager to make them cross platform

NAbleWinds should rebase the agent on .NET Standard and Automation Manager on Powershell Core. You'll open up a massively common codebase across Windows, Mac, and Linux and enable a single automation platform as well as, in large cases, common automation objects and policies, repositioning NCentral as *the* cross-platform RMM ecosystem.

Submitted by (@joncz.doiseriouslyneedatleast6characters)