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Ability to customize dashboard columns

Opening on behalf of Graficom Solutions BV. On the N-Central dashboard if the customer name is long, it will not display correctly in the column The dashboard columns have a fixed size rather than variable. That size can't be customized at all leading to the truncated customer names. It would be good if this could be customized so it would be easier to identify what's the customer name (in case it's long and truncated) ...more »

Submitted by (@joao.amaral)

MSP N-central

Monitoring of "Scale Computing" KVM HyperVisor nodes

As we are starting to move away from Hyper-V and VMware and into the Scale Computing KVM HyperVisor, it would be helpful to have services available for monitoring them, like there are currently many monitoring options available for ESXi hosts.


Are there plans to implement integration of KVM nodes with N-Central?


Would others find this beneficial?

Submitted by (@matt.moore)

MSP N-central

Audit of License Keys

I know there are a couple of reports but they are very limited to Microsoft Office and windows. I suggest a report that you could utilize for Microsoft audits that show each key (full not just last 5), how many devices its installed on and what devices its installed on. Also, would like to see the ability to track other applications license keys such as adobe, revit, solidworks, ect....

Submitted by (@chad.menard)

MSP N-central

AV Defender MSIs for installation

It would be nice to have an .msi format installer for AV Defender installation - this would simplify deployment in some environments where partners wish to script the install or deploy via MDT. Currently the supplied .exe files require some additional work to script the installation when deployment via N-Central isn't possible or practical.

Submitted by (@barry.wheatley)

MSP N-central

When cloning a rule, customer/site assignments shouldn't join

Example: I have a Rule to patch machines every Tuesday and have many customers assigned to this rule. I clone this rule to make it easier to update a certain maintenance window. However, all the customer/site associations from the originating rule, come along, and are associated with this new rule. Because of that, all the devices now have multiple patch maintenance windows and only actually needed half of them. Getting ...more »

Submitted by (@matt.moore)

MSP N-central

Push 3rd Party Software From Device > Tools > Task Execution

It would be really awesome to be able to push 3rd party software from within a device's page via the Tools > Task Execution tab. Currently we can run scripts or automation policies but we can't push 3rd party software. This option is relegated to Task Profile or running against a group of machines. I would like the option to run it on a one off kind of a deal.

Submitted by (@ensncentral)

MSP N-central

Add/remove Rules at Customer level

I would love to be able to remove and add SO level rules without having to navigate to the SO level. Example, I am offboarding a client and need to remove some install rules, would like to just check and deleted, but instead have to navigate to SO level, then to the rule, then to grant access then scroll down and uncheck the customer. Kind of a pain

Submitted by (@scott.fitzgerald)

MSP N-central

Add new physical drives (server monitoring)

Devices perform asset scans every 24 hours (and upon restart). They don't add new hardware. For example, Host-01 is low on disk space. Engineer adds 2 drives, expands the array, disk space is great. BUT - Host-01 is still monitoring 6 drives, not the 8 total it now has installed. N-central scanned the asset; it sees the drives. But the template is not automatically re-applied and the extra drives are not automatically ...more »

Submitted by (@cdeeter)

MSP N-central

Monitor installation of AV-defender

Right now, if you enable AV defender for an X number of devices, you will not get feedback if it is indeed succesfully installed.

you have to go trough each agent, or hover over the device to see if the version is installed or not. Also, you will not get notified if the existing anti-virus programm was uninstalled (if there was any).

Submitted by (@rodejoost)