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Submitted by (@swrory)

Clearer wording on out-of-date versions when moving devices

This is to request better wording for error messages when attempting to move a device from one customer/site to another. Referring to the attached example, the probe on this site was out-of-date. While the bold text indicates such, it's alleged that the font without any styling could lead the user to believe that the device has been mis-identified as containing a probe, or that the device being moved is, itself out of ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@oscarholst)

RDS Cal statistics and reporting

Good day! I think it would be great if there was a way for N-Central to discover and collect data regarding RDS Client Acces Licenses being used on customers servers. This could be generated via e.g. Report Manager. I contacted support, there was no asset collection regarding this aspect as of today, also if anyone reading this have a nice and clean work-around to easily collect this information on multiple host this ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@ensncentral)

Multi selection of machines to re-install agent on

In the All Devices view of a customer, allow individual machines to be selected and a task to be run which re-installs the agent. This functionality would be exactly the same as you would find if you went into an individual machine > Settings > Local Agent > Reinstall Local Agent.


This way I could run this command on multiple machines at once instead of having to go into each one individually.

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Submitted by (@schubeck)

Symantec AV Def and AV Activity

We are currently on version (11 SP1 HF1), and according to the release notes, Symantec AV Def and AV Activity will be removed on a later build. Over 3/4's of our clients use one form of Symantec (v.12, v.14, or Cloud). We have been told through the N-able help desk that we could use the AV Status. But the current configuration of the AV Status does not give us the information that the AV Def and AV Activity ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@user001)

Uploading AMPs that were created in AM 2.3

The 11.1 SP1 agent introduces the requirement for PS 3.0 with AMP's. If we don't upgrade the agent, then existing amp's will work. if we do upgrade the agent, then amp's will no longer work as the device doesn't have ps 3.0? So we don't upgrade. As the requirement for PS3 comes from AM2.4 on the device, shouldn't this mean that if we upload amp's to the server that were created in AM 2.3, they will work across all devices? ...more »