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MSP N-central

Move Devices across Service Organizations

It would be extremely helpful to be able to move devices across different Service Organization boundaries. Currently you can do device Moves across sites within a customer and from one customer to another. This would extend that functionality up one level to across Service Organizations instead of restricting to within the current SO.

Submitted by (@jlarge)

MSP N-central

Device Status Deep Link

We use Atlassian confluence for documentation it has a status checker by querying a multitude of sources can update the status of a documentation record to Maintenance, Down, Impaired, or Ok. We would like the ability to get a URL that would expose the status of any given device to a third party application, Ideally protected by an API key. something similar to the current status of the device in N-Central will work ...more »

Submitted by (@datagen24)

MSP N-central

Generalize LDAP to allow interface with more LDAP sources

I have been trying to link JumpCloud LDAP directory service with N-Central and engineering came back that the integration is not possible since JumpClound schema requires class=person while N-Central's schema requires class=user and person. There is a hard-coded filter of (&(objectClass=user)(objectClass=person)) in N-Central, while, in the case of JumpCloud, they are looking only for objectClass=person. It would be ...more »

Submitted by (@rcurtis)

MSP N-central

Search box in filters menu

We have 900 filters. It would be nice to have a search box where I could type in a word and it would show only filters containing those characters. Similar to how you can type in a device name under all devices and it will display the results. We have the drop down that lets you select "All Visible Filters" and such, but it would be far more useful to have search capabilities. Even the "Filter" button that is shown ...more »

Submitted by (@clayton.murphy)