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Submitted by (@jeff.devera)

Bug 8591 - (SF 10354) Suspend Notifications for Child/Parent

Bug 8591 - CUST: (SF 10354) Suspend Notifications forChildren of Failed Parent/Grandparent Partner: Advanced Logic Corporation Partners description of feature: Enhancement request 1 for n-Central - Suspend Notifications for Children of Failed Parent/Grandparent If a router looses connectivity on its serial/atm/isdn interface (which connects it to a frame network, the Internet, a private IP network, and ATM network, ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@fbermudez)

Rephrase Alert Status Title

Any chance you guys can rephrase the alerts for all statuses and drop "is" from the alerts? Please see below: From: Alert: Logical Drive (VMware) on localhost.localdomain is Normal To: Alert: Logical Drive (VMware) on localhost.localdomain (Normal Status) From: Alert: Logical Drive (VMware) on localhost.localdomain is Warning To: Alert: Logical Drive (VMware) on localhost.localdomain (Warning Status) From: Alert: Logical ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@dylan.oblena)

AV notification exclusion for specific file/file types

We'd like to have the ability to exclude alert notifications for certain scanned file/file types. This is for instances where a file type that is just ignored (e.g. ost, html, cab) are still logged but wont notify as "Present" status repeatedly. The Global Exclusion excludes the file/file type from getting scanned but we would prefer to still see it on the audit trail, that way it would still be included on the reports ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

Display UninstallString for Device > Tools > Applications

The request uninstall would be a nice feature if it wasn't dependent on the application being silent uninstall enabled. Since the majority of applications I see on our managed devices are not silent uninstall supported, it really limits the usefulness of Request Uninstall. We are left with having to chase down our own scripted methods of uninstalling the application, which is fine, but I'm hoping N-central can provide ...more »