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Submitted by (@zalbrecht)

Industrial Monitoring

Background Information: In the Industrial world of plant floor monitoring, there is just 1 monitoring solution that can monitor devices that use a CIP back-plane. That is Matrikon Allen Bradley OPC Server. You could monitor as well through RSLinx but this has limitations in historical information retention. With devices that use a CIP back-plane, you can have up to 50 devices per each ENBT or an EN2TR card or up to a ...more »

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Submitted by (@jake.sault)

Probe high availability (HA) or allow probe Failover

It would be good to be able to install multiple probes at a site, and have devices within the site (or sub-site) monitored by both probes. Having the option to specify the probes in be Active/passive, OR Active/Active, or even simply to allow Failover of monitored devices (such as connectivity or WMI monitoring) if 1 probe becomes unavailable, will be a great improvement.

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Submitted by (

Windows App Store Management on Windows 8/8.1/10 Devices

It would be really handy if we can control Windows App Store on Windows 8/8.1/10 machines. Please add the option to - - Install/Uninstall any app from the store. - Cleanup the default install folders (C:\Program Files\WindowsApps) - Block the any known buggy App to install. If the Application Compliance service on N-central can be extended to contain this feature will also be great. - Powershell cmdlet for AppxPackage ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@john.alink)

"Customer with Sites" Filter option

Would like to see the capability to create a filter which looks for key words in the customers name and will then list all devices including devices at the customer sites. The filter Device -> Customer -> Contains -> 'Key word' Will only list devices at the customer level, not devices at the site level. The filter Device -> Customers with Sites Does not have the contains option. Only 'Equal to' or 'Not Equal To' ...more »