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Add/remove Rules at Customer level

I would love to be able to remove and add SO level rules without having to navigate to the SO level. Example, I am offboarding a client and need to remove some install rules, would like to just check and deleted, but instead have to navigate to SO level, then to the rule, then to grant access then scroll down and uncheck the customer. Kind of a pain

Submitted by (@scott.fitzgerald)

MSP N-central

Add new physical drives (server monitoring)

Devices perform asset scans every 24 hours (and upon restart). They don't add new hardware. For example, Host-01 is low on disk space. Engineer adds 2 drives, expands the array, disk space is great. BUT - Host-01 is still monitoring 6 drives, not the 8 total it now has installed. N-central scanned the asset; it sees the drives. But the template is not automatically re-applied and the extra drives are not automatically ...more »

Submitted by (@cdeeter)

MSP N-central

Monitor installation of AV-defender

Right now, if you enable AV defender for an X number of devices, you will not get feedback if it is indeed succesfully installed.

you have to go trough each agent, or hover over the device to see if the version is installed or not. Also, you will not get notified if the existing anti-virus programm was uninstalled (if there was any).

Submitted by (@rodejoost)

MSP N-central

Allow Filters to "Equal" a list

In addition to filter lines having the operand "equal to" and "not equal to" I'd like to see "In List" and "Not In List" that lets us select multiple items. You can see in my example how I need many lines to select various workstations and laptops. If I could have a line that reads like "Device Class In List" and select Windows Laptop, windows Tablet, Windows Workstation, that would be handy. I'm sure there are other ...more »

Submitted by (@avidelite)

MSP N-central

Ability To Run AV Updates & Upgrades On Next Startup

Some computers are not on during the maintenance window I have set for AV Defender updates and upgrades.


It would be awesome if similar to patch management there was an option that said "Install updates on next startup"


That way we can make sure even the devices not running during maintenance window are getting the needed updates.

Submitted by (@brett401)

MSP N-central

Include the details from active issues in exports.

Currently if I have a list of say 100 misconfigured services some of which have the same error and some are different, the only way to break it down by how many fall into which alert is to manually comb through. In my specific case I have around 60-100, but only what seems to be 4 different alerts. Why not include this in an export? It would be extremely useful for troubleshooting issues like the example presented, and ...more »

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