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Fail-over server

The ability to run redundant servers in multiple locations as fail-overs in case the primary site goes down. I Imagine this could be done by adding a secondary IP or FQDN to the agents to point to as a secondary server. When both are up it reports to both servers but when one goes down it will still point to the other. This will be useful for all customers particularly those who's sites are in disaster prone arias like ...more »

Submitted by (@bburell)

MSP N-central

Set hardware acceleration level in the UI for MSP connect

Submitted on behalf of SmartSystems, Inc.


Can we please have a option to set the Specific hardware acceleration level in the UI for MSP connect.


Currently this can be disabled, enabled or set to auto detect.


The ability to chose between hardware acceleration level's 1 to 5 would be nice to see

Submitted by (@kevin.lamont)